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‘Hello’ is taken from the new album, 25, out November 20.
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Directed by Xavier Dolan, @XDolan

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Commissioner: Phil Lee
Production Company: Believe Media/Sons of Manual/Metafilms
Director: Xavier Dolan
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes
Producer: Nancy Grant/Xavier Dolan
Cinematographer: André Turpin
Production design : Colombe Raby
Editor: Xavier Dolan
Adele’s lover : Tristan Wilds

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Dwonload Video Adele Hello

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Adele – Hello
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    Nasim Awad says:

    i want this musiv every time with me i dont want any think only this music ohhhh my heart will be stop

    Nasim Awad says:

    its like my girl friend hahaha
    its ebery time with me

    Nasim Awad says:

    ohhhj my goadddd

    Nasim Awad says:

    i love this music sooooooo

    Nasim Awad says:

    hahahaha i'm so
    i dont care for every body

    Nasim Awad says:

    i'm like a singer when i lessen to this music really i like it so much
    my father every time talk to me
    why u like this music
    my answer every time i like this music this is not your pisnes

    Nasim Awad says:

    this music is very nice i like it really every time i lessen to this music ohh my goddd its very nice

    Ly Luon says:

    thank for your video, i love this

    renata mello says:

    Eu adoro as músicas dela

    renata mello says:

    Ninguém é perfeito para criticar ninguém

    김예나 says:

    Hello can you here me

    Qua Hoa says:

    good game and well player

    Ganehamol Jahhz says:

    I live you

    Hoạt Thân says:

    I love Hello & Adele

    trutj22 says:

    adeles chin looks like a butt crack or a camel toe. .but I love her anyway

    Isabelle Pritchard says:

    me toooòooooooo

    Heros Margusian says:


    little Club lovers and alisha marie says:

    i love adele

    Меняющий Реальность says:

    Ну и говнище XD Да и плагиат ещё ко всему 🙂

    Rasim ARABACI says:

    Devrim Kaya-Kışlalar Doldu Bugün

    NickBreezy VEVO says:

    damn! 1 billion views!!!!

    Christian Abjelina says:

    Hi there Grammy girl. 💚👍

    Fabiola Kantarama says:

    hello 😢😢

    trutj22 says:

    no matter how good the dancers are…the constumes can be amazing the lyrics can be slick and cool .people always gravitate more towards a good. simple. love song..

    든 소녀¿¡ ?!호박 says:

    beautiful girl

    Your Smile Our Inspiration says:

    Why 604k hit the dislike button??

    SugarbabyCotton says:


    Koopa Khaos says:

    1:45 is that Kel Mitchell

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