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1994 available now:

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Dwonload Video Alec Benjamin 1994 [Official Lyric Video]

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Alec Benjamin – 1994 [official Lyric Video]
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    Alec Benjamin says:

    Mixtape is out in 2 weeks :). Here is a new version of 1994. Leave a comment below ! EU/UK tour on sale now .. follow me on insta for more updates … @alecbenjamin

    alex TheDuck says:

    personally, i prefer the other version. but still beautiful 🙂

    Because I Had You says:

    love u 😍

    [Mon Dem] says:

    Why he's song always have a superman… by the way im just going to like it… pff..😄😆

    Tân Phạm Thị says:

    I love u so much alec

    XxHikidashixX says:

    i was born in '91, but i'll still jam to this. Thanks for the upload ( ^^)b

    Chicken Butt says:

    Wait… what year was he born? I forgot

    iiRaven Plays says:


    Woopsie.Doopsie says:

    I wanted to go to The Copenhagen concert But it’s too expensive to Get over there. Also I’m not allowed to travel so far myself. )):

    Elle Mendes says:

    I remember the original version and I love both!!! Amazing job Alec!!!!

    Sparks JELLO says:

    I love the lyrics of all your songs. <3

    lina _lu says:

    I was born in 1997

    Kirsten Michelle says:

    Listening to this after singing the demo for so long is honestly wild. But I love, as always 😊💘

    daaku daddy01 says:

    Believe me demo is more cool than this

    StormyNormy says:

    It’s safe to say he’s my favourite artist

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