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ALL NIGHT LONG – Lionel Richie cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy


That’s what I have to say about Lionel.

Lionel started out with a full ride at his college playing tennis! (no kidding. I have found that people with “over achiever” backgrounds seem to do well in singing and playing instruments! 🙂

Richie seriously considered studying divinity to become a priest with the Episcopal Church, but ultimately decided he was not “priest material” and decided to continue his musical career.

As a student in Tuskegee, In 1968 he became a singer AND saxophonist with the Commodores.

The Commodores signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 1968 for one record before moving on to Motown Records initially as a support act to The Jackson 5.

Richie wrote and sang many amazing (grammy winning) songs like, “Easy”, “Three Times a Lady”, “Still”, “Sail On”, “All Night Long”, Lady”, “We Are The World” (with Michael Jackson), “Hello”, “Dancing On The Ceiling”, “Endless Love”, and many many others…

Lionel is one of the biggest grossing artists of all time.

Richie’s tenth studio album, “Tuskegee” features 13 of his hit songs performed as duets with country stars including Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington, Little Big Town, Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffett.

Now a lot of people have asked me if KTVA is only for rock singers?

I hope, as I continue to showcase amazing artists like Lionel, this will answer the question.

For this reason I chose “All Night Long.”

(Oh and btw, this was the last song I was able to record before lava ate my studio in Hawaii! 🙂

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Dwonload Video ALL NIGHT LONG Lionel Richie Cover Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

All Night Long – Lionel Richie Cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
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    Txus0801 Txus0801 says:

    Increíble Ken 👏👏👏👏👌

    Thiago Oliveira says:

    Wow, you're simply too good. You made your voice sound so beautiful. And man, I love this song, it has such a happy atmosphere.

    Soe Win says:

    Hi Ken how to learn beat of a song?

    Luis Gonzalez says:

    These days i rather hear a good funky soulful pop song than any square grooveless rock song…

    Karisma Kris says:

    I would love to hear you sing The Search Is Over by Survivor. Thanks for all the great videos!

    Norbu says:

    nice cover sir. Sir I want you to do a live on Placement which you rarely discuss.

    kayla nottelling says:

    Would love lessons by you but I'm to poor to afford it 😞

    Castiel Believe says:

    😁😀 I get happy watching you sing Ken you make it look easy. I wish I can be next to you so I can learn even better.

    Candice Donaldson says:

    I honestly have no desire to sing but love listening to you sing! That was amazing!

    Maria W. says:

    I love 80s music…how about Huey Lewis?

    Maria W. says:

    Great job as always Ken!

    Zachary Wheeler says:

    Ken, I've moved into Vol. 2, and it's a beast. I was wondering how I should do Vol. 2. Should I do it like I did Vol. 1 where I go through all the exercises stretching chest and then go all through exercises again bridging into head voice, or should I just run through exercises once, stretching and bridging where the exercises say to stretch and bridge?

    Dark Shadow II says:

    Nice job, Mr. Tamplin! I thought you were going to choke on, or up, an "N" @ :46 !! Cheers. Hope things are going well and looking up!

    jaeves007 says:

    "all night… all night" who else HAS to jump in on the backgrounds

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