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Andy Williams & The Supremes sings “Let There Be Love”
music by Lionel Rand and lyrics by Ian Grant
The Andy Williams Show (January 22, 1967)
レット・ゼア・ビー・ラヴ アンディ・ウィリアムス シュープリームス
作詞:ラン・グラント 作曲:ライオネル・ランド

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Dwonload Video Andy Williams The Supremes Let There Be Love

Andy Williams & <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Supremes – Let There Be Love
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    Micaï. Claude. says:

    Excellent The Supremes.

    Brock White says:

    Ahh to be thrilled with every performance and record ….

    GL AnnapolisTeam says:

    The Supremes look very nice here. The dresses are very pretty. Nice that a white man could sing on TV with black women & people didn't get upset.

    Romulous Remus says:

    Andy Williams was nice looking!

    Joseph Vu says:

    So Andy was the only nice guy around…….. Since we're talking about the Supremes Problems.

    kjchicago1 says:

    Doing An old Nat King Cole song

    Peggy Stoute Morin says:

    I have to say that Diana blossomed into a beautiful woman in her old age.

    Hussein Dawodu says:

    Post the whole The Supremes live on the andywilliams show January 22nd 1967

    Deano Marshall says:

    Just wonderful!!! All three singing & swaying in unison without the bumping & grinding that all singers do now! Today"s singers are all TRASH!!!

    rioboy13 says:

    The Supremes were PURE magic!!!

    hiraya0101 says:

    RIP Florence Ballard and Andy Williams.

    JSG1951 says:

    Flo is so beautiful in this video.She really shines here.Thanks for posting!!

    shmuli9 says:

    Didn't the Supremes do a medley of hits, too, on this episode?

    Steve Weaver says:

    Gonna cause a bit of controversy here but check out the Jean Terrell-led Supremes with Andy in 1971 singing 'Up The Ladder to The Roof' – the Supremes looked much more relaxed and happy…

    sheltv100 says:

    Their harmonization sounds like the Anita Kerr Singers. I bet that the Pussycat dolls can't make that harmonization can they.

    tofelt says:

    @wattever333 she was very aware of the gesture. i think she said even her stomach felt twisted sometimes before performing.

    Mason Martinez says:

    @tofelt Hum, now that you mention it, Williams did the same thing with Lena Horne, didn't even give her a hug. Interesting.

    tofelt says:

    i WANT today's generation to SEE this video side by side with the video of mr. williams with julie andrews (not judging them), but mr. williams dared not even hold the hands of THE SUPREMES. he & ms. andrews are head butting. then go look at BOBBY DARIN & THE SUPREMES sing "FALLING IN LOVE WITH LOVE." ARM&ARM!!! now ask yourself, just HOW STUPID IS RACISM?!

    Lucas F says:

    The Supremes sung an amazing hits medley (Come See About Me/ Stop! In the name of love/ You Keep Me Hanging On and I Hear a Symphony). I wish I could see it again!

    classanddignity says:

    @DetroitLives313 Conversely, I can acknowledge that the white power structure refused to properly praise Diana for her success, (esp. in Lady Day) because in many ways she rivaled her white counterparts. Yes, white people have a way of putting her in her place too, just like black people. That’s why artists like her have frequented Europe. This is nothing new. Learn history & you’ll find out who is really racist. I say it about whomever depending on the subject matter. I am not racist. Candid!

    classanddignity says:

    @DetroitLives313 Diana jokes about it in her early concerts w/line, “What ever happened to that girl from the Brewster projects?” Whom do you think she’s talking to & about? Diversity & Racism comes in many perspectives; not just color. It’s a mentality! You need to check yourself first for you can’t handle the truth. Anytime a sister/brother unnecessarily derides their own, that’s racism at its peak, & many other blacks artist are not exempt from it. Saying it doesn’t make me racist

    classanddignity says:

    @DetroitLives313 My words are so TRUE! A segment in her community has always put DIANA down because she doesn’t abide by their beliefs on how one should live according to her perceived blackness. Yet, she has been compared to every other conventionally accepted Black Artists/People only to be put down as though she doesn’t deserve any of her success. Even Barbara Walters says it in her “Workin Overtime” interview. Whom do you think she’s talking about? Anything she does is looked at critically.

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