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Arranged by Nelson Riddle

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Dwonload Video Angel Eyes (Frank Sinatra With Lyrics)

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Angel Eyes (frank Sinatra – <span class='fc_lc'>with</span> Lyrics)
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    Philip Halpenny says:

    Swinging Lovers and Wee Small Hours were nigh on impossible to top, but Frank and his colleagues did it with this stunner…

    Philip Halpenny says:

    That Ava Gardner sure was, indirectly , responable for some sublime music in Sinatra'a oeuvre.

    Rick Lopez says:

    What a vocal performance.

    Mustafa Jackson says:

    No one sings "Angel Eyes" better than FRANK SINATRA; no one.

    Debbie DeRoma says:

    Aaahhhh Frankie 😍💋❤️

    Indominus Wolf says:

    Frank Sinatra will always be in our hearts. His soothing voice is so relaxing, it's outstanding!

    Bill jahnke says:

    I miss Frank . . . since he disappeared, and yet he'll be here forever! Thank God.

    Michael Tekulsky says:

    Has his voice ever been clearer, or his emotions ever closer to the surface?

    Thomas Corder says:

    Jackie Gleason once saw Frank in the nude. When asked his impression, Jackie said, ''Seeing Frank Sinatra nude was like looking at a tuning fork''! R.I.P. to both of them.

    Mustafa Jackson says:

    No one sings this classic tune better than Mr. Sinatra.

    Thanks for sharing.

    boaty mcboatface says:

    You can just feel him pouring his heart out over Ava…

    ulises mora says:

    Frank. Sinatra es el más. Grande Cantante. Que ha existido, hay. Otros. Más. Pero el. Es. Único. Escribe. Sergio. Mora .

    Carole Bergen says:

    Another of my favorites!

    Carl Contrera says:

    amaaaaaaazing orchestration and arrangement

    M.J. Leger says:

    Truly the best there ever was, or ever will be, you just can NOT beat him!  Thanks for posting this lovely song.

    Steve Strole says:

    this man puts such feeling in his song that he draws feeling and spiritual fullfilment from the listener. no one other singer comes close to Sinatra.

    Jr Beans says:

    Is it 'that old devi's sent' or 'that old devil's scent'?

    Anton Borman says:

    I'm not worthy to comment he is too good

    jeff shannon says:


    Kenneth Crowell says:

    The best voice ever!! His delivery was just as good!!!

    Paula Pacente says:

    The Greatest singer of the 20th century. Love you, Frank!

    Michel Motta says:

    Wonderfoul, lindo maravilhoso

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