Download Beyonce – Let’s Move! ‘move Your Body’ Music Video Official 2011 - Video 2018

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beyonce lets move your body video download, MUSIC DOWNLOAD BEYONCE MOVE YOU BODY

Clipe oficial da campanha contra a obesidade infantil, tendo como a canção Get Me Bodied reescrita pela Beyonce, vejam!

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Dwonload Video Beyonce Lets Move! ‘Move Your Body Music Video Official 2011

Beyonce – Let’s Move! ‘move Your Body’ Music Video Official 2011
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    Don't LOOK says:

    Watching in 2017

    amanda johnson says:

    Amanda love it

    Eu sou normal? says:

    muito legal

    Bossy Baby says:

    I love Beyonce music

    Kasey Baker says:

    She ran right when she said run to the left the first time lol

    Noluthando Dladla says:

    watch your body

    Christopher joseph Langdon lisa zeigert killer says:

    I think she forget what true left was at first, she went stage left they went true left hahaha ♥ I wonder if she fucks it up in life too like driving

    Asha says:

    omg i remember when i was a kid and i would invite my neighbours over and teach them this dance then we would perform it to our parents at the end!!! LMAO

    Ceanna S says:

    Awwww Thomas!!!

    Queen bee says:

    i ❤ this song

    Yasmine Joseph says:

    i wish she can come to my ghetto behind school

    Sue says:

    That was brill 😁

    Gabriel C Casco says:

    está exelete:)

    Nikki Curtis says:

    the chipets sung that song

    Patricia Rojas says:

    Who's watching in 2017

    kordeisus says:

    Was she pregnant in here?

    Debora nosredna says:

    "Now run to the left"
    runs opposite direction

    princesss gotti says:

    how is nobody tired while doing this…

    Bianca Cheeks says:

    move your body

    Jfluffy124 says:

    she moved right instead of left

    Nun Yah says:

    American flag? Bye Beyonce☕️

    Amber Bainz says:

    touts get just

    jasmine cute girls101 says:

    Beyonce when the the different way she when to the right instead of the left hahahaha sorry Beyonce😂😂😂

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