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American singer/songwriter Billy Joel was hugely successful worldwide throughout the 70s/80s & 90s.

This was one of his first hits & probably one of the most loved of all his songs.
Originally released in 1973 … it didn’t chart in Australia until 1976 reaching the Top 20.

This is the original promo video for this song.

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Dwonload Video Billy Joel Piano Man (1973)

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Billy Joel – Piano Man (1973)
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    Kelly Stevens says:

    Pure pathos and passion, and where my heart is right now. Long live the piano man!

    indiglo1971 says:

    3:26 Toupee?

    BoodlesGaming says:

    He sounds so young OMG

    F Gomez says:

    Watching this in 2073!



    dawn Keyser says:

    Always love you Bill, always the great entertainer!!

    Luther Buckhurst says:

    He's a genius, timeless classic, love this song

    Josh Adcock says:

    Can't believe this was 1973! His success came so much further down the line it seems.

    Matthew Basil says:

    this recording sucks!! the key is sharp too.

    Jayson Weed says:

    love this song 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ian Cross says:

    One song I thoroughly enjoy and can't get enough of it.

    Moon Man says:

    effing beautiful… man. what a guy. so effing beautiful. i can't even

    anavan7 says:

    reply ethanramond69, re: retroj25 this video was the first promo shot in 1977. Yes the banner said 'out of the archive: Rock Relics, 1986', interestingly noted since Billy Joel had created another Piano Man video in 1985 with an alternate ending. I like this one better, grittier an unpolished gem.

    gabino barrera says:

    one of my top ten…..staff

    Kate Stipec says:

    Some of his stuff

    Kate Stipec says:

    This is a great song!
    I like some of stuff!

    Angie Owens says:

    I love how in this song he is telling a story. I grew up listening to Billy Joel because my parents played his music all the time. I will always love him. He has many amazing songs.

    Jeff Costello says:

    Can you imagine anyone of today's so-called songwriters being able to create such an American classic?

    Lycralove09 says:

    Lachen und weinen…! :))

    Lycralove09 says:

    Ach, iss datt ein geiler Song..feelin' alright.. so muß dass sein!! ^^

    christopher josephat says:

    The memories.
    Me, Dad, and Grandpa drinking at the bar well this song plays.

    Thumbs up if you feel the same :c.

    Heinke Stoltenberg says:

    watching this on May9th, his 64th birthday. Lots of love to a great artist.

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