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Hello everyone,

New video for you today, and from 2018 again. Bootleggers done it again by providing us a show less than a day after it happened. This is the 22nd concert of the 2018 US Fall Tour and the 64th of the year. A great gig with Bob and the Band still on top. Thanks to jnspeer for providing us this new concert.

This year we are marking the 30th anniversary of the Never Ending Tour, Bob constant touring around the world since Concord, CA, June 7th 1988. In 30 years, Bob radically changed his style and voice multiple times, releasing 14 studio albums (from Down In The Groove to Triplicate), and playing almost 3000 concerts.

The US Fall Tour is moving up north in North Carolina, now in Durham. Seeing Bob is always a joyful experience. This tour will definitely go down as a highlight of Bob late-music career. The set didn’t move much in the last weeks, but the performances are always incredible. Strangely he dropped Ballad Of A Thin Man, switching with Long And Wasted Years and Blowin’ In The Wind as the finale encore. Good sound thanks to jnspeer, and always wonderful performances by Bob, especially on the ballads. I hope you will like it as well.

Here is the setlist

1. Things Have Changed 00:00
2. It Ain’t Me, Babe 05:54
3. Highway 61 Revisited 10:06
4. Simple Twist Of Fate 15:00
5. Cry A While 20:16
6. When I Paint My Masterpiece 25:13
7. Honest With Me 31:42
8. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven 36:41
9. Scarlet Town 41:32
10. Make You Feel My Love 47:23
11. Pay In Blood 52:00
12. Like A Rolling Stone 56:35
13. Early Roman Kings 1:03:34
14. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 1:09:54
15. Love Sick 1:16:20
16. Thunder On The Mountain 1:21:37
17. Soon After Midnight 1:28:21
18. Gotta Serve Somebody 1:32:42

19. Long And Wasted Years 1:39:57
20. Blowin’ In The Wind 1:45:25

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Credits to for the informations and for their reviews. The first picture is the official poster for the tour.
My next videos will be a mix of 1992 shows and onwards, and of course the usual new 2018 shows. I will also finish in the coming days Blood On The Tracks Revisited Vol. 3, a live version of one of Bob’s best album.

As always, if you have more requests for shows or sessions you’d like to hear, send me a message or leave a comment below.

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Dwonload Video Bob Dylan Durham, NC, Performing Arts Center (3rd November 2018) [Full Concert]

Bob Dylan – Durham, Nc, Performing Arts Center (3rd November 2018) [full Concert]
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    Guzmán Verde García says:

    ¡Impresionante "Don´t think twice, It´s all right"!

    "Long and wasted years" (su última obra maestra), la canta tremendamente acelerada, sin pasión y sin subrayados; todo lo contrario que "Scarlet town", que la mima vocalmente.

    Y el cambio del "Shenandoah" de la acústica de Stu (ahora ausente) por Stravinsky.

    Erin O'Donnell says:

    He's never sung love sic like THAT before. Oooo.oooooooo

    rachel lee says:

    Whew golly gosh he gets younger and stronger each concert. Once again a big thankyou for the upload. This one has a magical twist and jive ☀☀☀😊 ohh to me sometimes a nasty face is needed to break the sounds of silence that's what I think ☔☀and some people just will not sway from their narrow mindedness

    Graham Waldrop says:

    This was an awesome concert to be at. One of my favorite Dylan shows I've been to so far. Thanks for uploading!

    Darlene Cappo says:

    Better than any ever!!!!

    Johnny Doe says:

    When did they start souping up Cry Awhile like a Link Wray Rumble hot rod? That is MINT…Thank you for keeping this channel going…best channel on the youtube hands down

    christina vanderhaeghe says:

    'Maybe there'll be a limit on all my sorrow'. Thanks for sharing.

    Marta Godyn says:

    I like the diffrent tempo of the songs – from very slow (DTT) to highly energized (TOTM and GSS).

    Jake Williamson says:

    Awesome show thanks for uploading. Cameras were prohibited at this show thanks for getting a nice copy, sir. This was my first time ever seeing him and I was simply amazed.

    don h says:

    thanks for these most awesome shows… noticed that the Pay In Blood progression matches Moonlight from a few years ago

    Mathis Philippe says:

    Such a cool intro to Long And Wasted Years ! Strong show, as usual these days

    Rickety Rackety says:

    Now introduced by…Stravinsky! Very nice.

    Nicholas Fadely says:

    I really wish he would continue “take a train to cry on the setlist. It was amazing in Phoenix.

    superfuzzymomma says:

    What a roll, SELOTL! Indebted to you.

    Mike Paglia says:

    Do you have the Nov 2 concert in Asheville, NC? I was there 🙂

    The Relax Alex says:

    I miss the whole thing because my sister birthday party

    Kayden B. says:

    I was at that show, very enjoyable, definitely my favorite concert

    paul youngblood says:

    I was there, such an Incredible performance

    WoutBlommers says:

    Anyone any remarks on Bootleg serie 14? Compared to the first release (44 years ago 🙂 I think the mix is much better: I can hear the mandoline which I never noticed before.

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