Download Bob Dylan – Yuzawa-cho, Niigata, Japan Fuji Rock Festival ’18 29th July 2018) [full Concert] - Video 2018

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Hello everyone,

I’m back with a new 2018 show for you today. This is the second concert of the 2018 Tour of Asia & Oceania and the 28th of the year.
Bob is still on a winning streak with his first appearance at the Fuji Rock Festival and also his grand return in the Land of the Rising Sun since earning the Nobel Prize in Literature.

This year we are marking the 30th anniversary of the Never Ending Tour, Bob constant touring around the world since Concord, CA, June 7th 1988. In 30 years, Bob radically changed his style and voice multiple times, releasing 14 studio albums (from Down In The Groove to Triplicate), and playing almost 3000 concerts.

Credits to for the informations and for their reviews. The pictures were taken during the show.
I’ll take a short break from posting, except for the occasional 2018 shows that appear.

This was another magical night, and I’m sure the Japanese audience there won’t forget such experience. The set hasn’t changed much since 2017, with Things Have Changed as the opener and Blowin’ In The Wind to close it up nicely. However, no Sinatra tunes this time, so the concert was quite short compared to the usual.
Still an excellent performance throughout, especially the grand return of his harp and a few deep cuts like When I Paint My Masterpiece. I highly recommend it and hope you will enjoy it as well.

Here is the review given at :

Here is the setlist

Introduction 00:00
1. Things Have Changed 01:17
2. It Ain’t Me, Babe 06:05
3. Highway 61 Revisited 10:25
4. Simple Twist Of Fate 15:05
5. Duquesne Whistle 20:36
6. When I Paint My Masterpiece 27:00
7. Honest With Me 32:19
8. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven 36:36
9. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 41:20
10. Thunder On The Mountain 46:49
11. Make You Feel My Love 53:27
12. Early Roman Kings 58:29
13. Desolation Row 1:04:34
14. Love Sick 1:12:44
15. Ballad Of A Thin Man 1:18:23
16. Blowin’ In The Wind 1:24:58
Outro 1:31:05

As always, if you have more requests for shows or sessions you’d like to hear, send me a message or leave a comment below.

My next video will be a reupload of the Oh Mercy sessions since Sony blocked it.

#BobDylan #FujiRock #NeverEndingTour

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Dwonload Video Bob Dylan Yuzawa-cho, Niigata, Japan Fuji Rock Festival 18 29th July 2018) [Full Concert]

Bob Dylan – Yuzawa-cho, Niigata, Japan Fuji Rock Festival ’18 29th July 2018) [full Concert]
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    Nicholas Fadely says:

    I guess he left tangled up in blue off this setlist, just noticed

    Marta Godyn says:

    Thank you so much. I am so glad that Bob Dylan was in such a great mood, smiling and playing harmonica. "Make You Feel My Love" was really beautiful! Great concert.

    Martini VP says:

    England 65 shows!

    Martini VP says:

    Thanks for these! Really like the SToF. Any Down In The Groove stuff you could post?

    dylanjames67 says:

    thank you i just got my ticket for his show in roanoke va. which is the end of my three month train tour around the u.s.a. including going to duluth and hibbing.

    Sammy M says:

    I need my meditation music his music always makes sense thank you sad eyed lady can't get enough. peace and love

    bobby dee says:

    Thank you. Great job!

    DJ Kenter says:

    Thanks for uploading this. Dig the new version of When I Paint My Masterpiece. Would love to hear the show he did on July 27th where he played All Along the Watchtower and Gotta Serve Somebody.

    1992Maton says:

    Great sound… singing like a bird! Such crazy arrangements I fucking love it.

    christina vanderhaeghe says:

    As the Sublime Show is landing in Brussels, very well by this way, Thanks for Sharing

    Tommyd james says:

    Thank you 👍

    Nicholas Fadely says:

    My goodness, thanks so much! Awesome

    kwijung says:

    I was supposed to be there for this but I had to miss it. Thank you for uploading it!

    Mathis Philippe says:

    Thanks for the video sad eyed ! thx to the tapers ! Dont we have any videos or boot of the 1st concert of this tour where bob played the guitar on 2 or 3 tracks ?

    mr tambourine says:

    Finally the 2018 new shows are available. The sets look good. He's returned Gotta Serve Somebody as well to the set on a couple shows.
    Anyway, do you maybe have the link to the studio recording of Waiting for you. I would love to download it.

    nanchanger says:

    Thank You Sad! Can't seem to get enough of RTR shows!

    TheGuitarGuy161 says:

    Will you be uploading any of the Australian shows?

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