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Grab your ticket and your suitcase
Thunder’s rollin’ down this track
Well, you don’t know where you’re goin’ now
But you know you won’t be back
Well, darlin’ if you’re weary
Lay your head upon my chest
We’ll take what we can carry
Yeah, and we’ll leave the rest

Big wheels roll through fields
Where sunlight streams
Meet me in a land of hope and dreams

Well, I will provide for you
And I’ll stand by your side
You’ll need a good companion now
For this part of the ride
Leave behind your sorrows
Let this day be the last
Tomorrow there’ll be sunshine
And all this darkness past

Big wheels roll through fields
Where sunlight streams
Oh meet me in a land of hope and dreams

This train…
Carries saints and sinners
This train…
Carries losers and winners
This train…
Carries whores and gamblers
This train…
Carries lost souls

I said this train…
Dreams will not be thwarted
This train…
Faith will be rewarded

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Dwonload Video Bruce Springsteen Land Of Hope And Dreams (Springsteen On Broadway Official Audio)

Bruce Springsteen – Land <span class='fc_lc'>of</span> Hope <span class='fc_lc'>and</span> Dreams (springsteen <span class='fc_lc'>on</span> Broadway – Official Audio)
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    Pasquale Dolce says:

    Mitico insuperabile…

    TheMultiGunMan says:

    God, I love this man. He's brought so much happiness, joy and relaxation to my life. I got to see him in New York City in 2012 on his Wrecking Ball tour. I made a special trip all the way from western Canada (province of Saskatchewan) just to see him. It was a dream come true for me. To this day it almost brings a tear to my eye when I think about the trip. I feel fulfilled (for lack of a better word) knowing that I got to see him in concert at Madison Square Gardens. I can't wait for the day to come when I can see him perform again. God bless you Mr. Bruce Springsteen. God has truly blessed you and everyone you've touched with your music. Thank you for being you!

    Jose Alexander Cera Mejia says:

    Boss, when you’re coming back in Canada 🇨🇦. This is your home 🏡 now.

    brucified1 says:

    I've listened to this song so many times….it never gets old. Thanks for the music Bruce….thanks for the inspiration

    Fernando Rosas says:

    El 15 de Diciembre es el especial por Netflix

    DiogenesofSinope1 says:

    Saw Bruce and the band in October, 1980. The River tour. Guess things worked out for him 🙂

    goubster140 says:

    To write a song like this so far into ones career is simply amazing. Only Bruce

    Juanlu Urriz says:


    Ivano Torchia says:

    Italia 🇮🇹 ama Bruce

    Domingo Roca Santana says:

    Para mi puto amo el JEFE

    Ana Gonçalves says:

    Thanks Bruce .

    MaGarthur says:

    If you haven't heard it yet, wait until you hear Dancing in the Dark leading into this song. They are both incredible.

    Ximo Cogollos says:

    Tuve el deseo de ir a verle a Broadway. Un gran esfuerzo económico mio que fue infinitamente recompensado. Bruce Springsteen forever!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎸🎸🎸🎸

    Claudia Campos says:

    Fecho os olhos e viajo na tua voz! Coisa mais linda

    Hervé 76 says:

    Vu le prix des places, je ne sais pas qui a bien pu aller aux concerts de Broadway. Entre 900 et 2.500 dollars, un vrai scandale.

    DavidOrtiz246 says:

    I was lucky enough to see the show three times, and all I have to say is: Thank you Bruce. Thank you. You’ve meant so much to so many in so many times, good and bad. I feel like you’ve been there right next to me for the entire ride of my life, and I was deeply touched to hear you say that we’ve all likewise brought a great deal of joy and meaning to your own life. Our country needs you now as much as we needed you after 9/11, and I know in my heart that you have been, and will continue to be, one of the defining voices of reason and hope throughout this horribly dark period in our history. You give me faith and hope, and some sense of salvation, in being an American. Without you, I would’ve lost all sense of identity and purpose in this mad country a long time ago. So thank you, Bruce. Thank you.

    Flavia Lopes says:

    Te amo 😍😍😍😍😍

    Fernando Rosas says:

    que preciosa voz Bruce.

    Peter Bjerregaard says:

    Greetings from Denmark. May you stay strong Bruce for many years to come

    Daniela Casaglia says:

    bruce is part of my life thanks bro

    Soile Koskela says:

    Comforting song. ❤️

    Bill M says:

    I love the album version of this song. Such great lyrics, but its the sound of the E Street horns that blows me away.

    Eric Hannedouche says:

    j attendais cela avec impatience, et c est fait ,merci BRUCE !!!!!


    Rough day at work, needed a song to lift my spirits. Thank you, Bruce, for always doing and saying the right things at the right time. Got to see the show on my 65th b'day last January, and again a few weeks ago. You just keep getting better!!!
    Surpassed (maybe) the first time I saw you in 1974 in a show I was producing at my college. Sorry we couldn't find a restaurant open for us all to eat at, but it's still a wonderful memory, walking the streets of Georgetown looking for a restaurant! Love, Always

    Matilde Calabri says:

    It's so magical.. 😍

    Susana Silva says:

    Amo esse cara !! Que voz e talento +Banda 👏👏👏👏❤🌈😘

    Pereira Silva says:

    Bruce tens uma voz espetacula r adoro .

    IAN DICKSON says:

    Were all livening with hope and dreams but for me Bruce I got I day of hope and a dream debut from wid

    robert21520 says:

    I am grateful to have seen this, one of my fave Bruce songs, on January 24th. A 40-year Dream also came true when I met Bruce and he kindly signed my copy of “Reading Bruce Springsteen.” And, I got to say, “Thank you for 40 years of poetry and music.” Until we meet again, Bruce. Thank you. ❤️

    Joel Guitian says:

    Bruce Springsteen´ one of the best, since Venezuela! I salute you

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