Download Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band – Tenth Avenue Freeze-out – 09/20/78 (official) - Video 2018

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Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band – Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Recorded Live: 9/20/1978 – Capitol Theatre (Passaic, NJ)

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Bruce Springsteen – guitar, vocals
Steven Van Zandt – guitar, vocals
Garry Tallent – bass
Clarence Clemons – saxophone
Danny Federici – keyboards, accordion
Roy Bittan – keyboards
Max Weinberg – drums

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Dwonload Video Bruce Springsteen The E Street Band Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 09/20/78 (OFFICIAL)

Bruce Springsteen & <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> E Street Band – Tenth Avenue Freeze-out – 09/20/78 (official)
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    lamy jeannette says:

    My fourth avenue in Vancouver with John Tee 1981

    bodensick says:

    Nothing against the Rolling Stones or Led Zep, but THIS is the best rock 'n' roll band of all time.

    Jimmy James says:

    When I was young and the world was at my fingertips ~

    Paul Walnuts says:

    I live on 10th Ave, IRB FL 33785!!! From NJ, love the Boss

    The Springsteenfan78 says:

    “And the big man joined the band”

    Lynn Blomberg says:

    Miss big Daddy

    KnightOfAwesometon says:

    Fucking hell, that drop he does right the start of the song never fails to send shivers down my spine everytime!

    Luke Vaughan says:

    The REAL DEAL ! ! !

    Theresa Gray says:

    Saw BRUCE in Boston Garden during The River tour in 1980. The Bruce & band played for almost 4 hours straight!!! That's why Bruce is THE BOSS!!! The concert was UNBELIEVABLE!!! Nobody, I mean, Nobody can beat that!

    Chuck Hipolitho says:

    Human being excelence.

    sevadaj says:

    R,I,P, Big Man, you are dearly missed!!!!!!

    Gordon M. says:

    I'm in pieces!

    Tear it up!

    RodintheVille says:

    Almost 40 years ago.

    Dennis Opihory says:

    back in the day at one of the best venues in new jersey -when bruce was a rocker and not just another fuckin sell out entertainer

    Phil Lee says:

    I wanna remake this song

    Roxxane D'troyt says:

    Happy birthday to the Big man..(RIP)

    danny brown says:

    a dance move there, must have caught Michael jacksons eye. Looks like a moonwalk, before MJ

    Patrick Rettig Music says:

    Such an amazing songwriter and performer!

    Check out my song "Right Now":

    Aaron Risi says:

    Goin to see Bruce for the tour closer at Mohegan Sun Casino in May for my 2nd show, Cant Wait!  Great video! Wish I was there, wasn't born for another 10 months tho.  Bruce is still goin strong and he is as legitimate as ever.  

    Rock on Boss!

    00richard says:

    I see now why I have always hated this guy and his music. He was ALWAYS an asshole and his music was and is bubblegum pop.  This fucking song,  Couldn't stand this shit when it came out. Every 1/2 hour on any radio station. Sickening.  He must have spent a fortune paying radio stations to play this. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's how the music business worked and still does. Cash/Drug payoffs, depending what decade. It's true.  How else could music like this, bands like, Styx, Reo Speedwagon, Journey, Foreigner…etc. get their "music" played and drilled into our heads for so long, even to this day? Because it's just so good?  And yes fans of Bruce Springsteen, this is only MY opinion here, I know you love him and his music and you think it's the best. Why? I have no idea. Funny how there are  51 views 1 like, and this is the 1st comment. And dislike.

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