Download Carrie Sings “i Remember You” in Farwell, Mi - Video 2018

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carrie sings “I remember you” in Farwell, MI

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Dwonload Video Carrie Sings I Remember You In Farwell, MI

Carrie Sings “i Remember You” <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> Farwell, Mi
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    Dillon Watson says:

    She sings the dog shite out of this song!

    JAYZIGGY5 says:

    Wow look at Sebastian! He looks younger every day! What was the point of that 10 seconds with the guitar at the beginning?

    Michael Davidson says:

    So, what is next?  A Country singer singing a song from Obituary, Carcass, Possessed, Sepultura, Coroner, Kreator, Slayer, or Megadeth?

    Michael Davidson says:

    I wish that Rachel Bolan would come to his senses and get Sebastian Bach back in Skid Row again.  It just is not Skid Row without Sebastian.

    Michael Davidson says:

    It is strange that Country singers are now more Metal than what Rock and Metal singers are now these days.

    purplefly 09 says:

    Growing up being a Skid Row fan, she hits all the notes perfectly and DOES this song justice.

    FRONTMAN242 says:

    Very Nice …….. Still ani't my Jersey SR boys !

    non nono says:

    NO!!! LEAVE OUR HAIR BANDS ALONE!!!!! not our fault country has to cross over to escape depression but enough is enough!!!!

    Brian Hanson says:

    She did it well but nowhere near as powerful or the range as See-bass. He's such an underrated singer. Just relistened Angel down and what a great melodic metal and strong voice he has.

    The MIC - Music Inspiration Channel says:

    Good thing she helped get the band started with that guitar part. What would they have done?

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