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Dwonload Video Charlie Puth How Long [Official Video]

Charlie Puth – “how Long” [official Video]
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    Paul Valley says:

    you need therapy sincerily

    Ekram Ibrahim says:

    Am in love with his all songs ❤ was it really or just for show❤❤❤

    You as Me says:

    0:33 Huh! HIS LEG IS GONE!!!

    S. s says:

    I love this song

    iiJakePaul_ItsEverydayBro _Peace! says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG like if you do too

    Balgish Musthansir says:

    when charlie looks hot af

    Flash News says:

    How Long have i waited for a song like this

    cibi cruise says:

    Love from INDIA <3 Charlie <3

    Priaa Mendez says:

    He dance SO WEIRD..

    Isagani Seva says:

    Dance is so crazy…its very relatable….

    Neena Renjan says:

    How long has this been going on
    3 minutes 30 seconds

    mr ssamja says:

    who's here for charlie foot

    Rajsaini Saini says:

    I love youuuuuu😭😭😭💋

    Rouki Chandello says:

    (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

    Hailie Laing says:

    'How long' until i stop adoring you? Never 🙂

    Austin guitar says:

    How long has this been going on ??

    6/D Sınıfı says:

    Wonderfull song….😀😀😇😜😜

    EmranGamerHD says:

    3:34 OMG ! :O

    Carolyn Coward says:


    zab.dom says:

    Great song! Check out my bass cover: ☺️ if you like it remember to subscribe for more!

    Mona says:

    Love from ? Saudi

    zumiezman101 says:

    Nice dance moves :3

    kiet Mach says:

    I watch this in school

    JaimS says:

    a very nice song–I've made a cover but not so great haha, you can check it here

    Koushal Kumar says:

    Crush says Hi
    me 1:53

    Gabriel Olsen says:

    This song rocks

    Vũ Yên says:

    ai Viêt Nam điểm danh!!!!!

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