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Arranged by Billy May

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Dwonload Video Come Dance With Me (Frank Sinatra With Lyrics)

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Come Dance <span class='fc_lc'>with</span> Me (frank Sinatra – <span class='fc_lc'>with</span> Lyrics)
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    Steven Miller says:

    Great early stereo version

    royalblue0505 says:

    We used to have an open-reel tape of this entire album. Lost all those tapes when we moved. 🙁

    Me llaman Kovon says:

    It reminds me the radio of fallout 4

    Mr Stacy J says:

    Thank you for sharing. Old Blue Eyes puts some pep in you step

    5 Ave says:

    I just heard this at starbucks

    GettingDarker Reading says:

    I love frank SinatraTrue beauty.

    maureen1938 says:

    GORGEOUS…… !!!!

    Ana Maria Gutierrez says:

    Even I like Frank Sinatra so much I have to say Come and dance with me by Michael Bubble is better just because the orchestra gives it a latin style, but the Great Frank Sinatra is the Best.

    Jaybuza says:

    who the FUCK came up with this song? lol there's all kinds of artists that have done it. I feel dumb for not knowing x(

    Go1US1Marines says:

    I like the lyrics at the top. Thanks!

    Rexal Hewitt says:

    COME DANCE WITH ME, creo uno de los mejores LP de la epoca incluso gano en esos años un grammy, fue mi primer LP, y lo guardo como un tesoro…… cuantos recuerdos de juventud

    ogrebattle22763 says:

    This sounds to fast…

    Geenalee1 says:

    Meow Whoosh POOFHS !!!!!!

    CrooningForLeftovers says:

    Terrible remaster.  Far too fast ~ Frank sounds like a Munchkin.  Listen elsewhere.

    gerardo araya says:

    Franky, super smooth.

    William Cullen says:

    Read that this album won a Grammy for Album of the Year in 1959.  Thought I take a listen. Frank still holds up.

    ddkoda says:

     Unmistakable Billy May arrangement with that driving trumpet section, so appropriate to the swing style of the song. An up tempo tune that should brighten your day.

    VintagePassionMBTK7 says:

    I want to dedicate this to my girl who doesn't want to love me yet :'( <3

    Bob Weber says:

    just love it……..

    Metemi says:

    What an evening for
    Some terpsichore

    nickellodeon55 says:

    Never had a pair of Basie boots…not even a Nehru jacket. 

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