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Arranged by Nelson Riddle – I absolutely love this song. No one does it better than Frank and Nelson

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Dwonload Video Days Of Wine And Roses (Frank Sinatra With Lyrics)

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Days <span class='fc_lc'>of</span> Wine <span class='fc_lc'>and</span> Roses (frank Sinatra – <span class='fc_lc'>with</span> Lyrics)
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    George Parreno says:

    PLEASE load up the ORCHESTRATIONS of this version of THE DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES in KARAOKE VERSION!!!! Please!!!!

    festivelady826 says:

    Thought of this song today out of the blue; turned on the TV and the movie was playing on TCM. But NO ONE could sing it like Frank………..God, how I miss him.

    Bob Watson says:

    You can hear in frank's voice he really likes singing this classic

    Spartan 2 says:

    one of the best songs ever

    chicken045 says:

    George Roberts on bass trombone!

    M.J. Leger says:

    Beautifully sung by FS, (of course), I remember seeing this movie, thought it was sad, but Lee Remick was a fave, and she and Jack Lemmon and the rest of the cast were superb.  FS does this song in "swing" time — I prefer it slow, like Mancini and Mercer probably intended and it is done that way in the movie, but this version is different and nice.

    Shuai Hao says:

    Literally my favourite song!

    Karen Berino says:

    When you listen to this song – this recording – and to know that it was done in one room, in one take, it's mind-blowing! There is not a single mistake. Every musician is in tune with each other as well as with Frank. I'm not sure how many people realize that this was recorded 'live' and how hard that is to do. And the fact that these guys did it with such ease, is just remarkable! I'm a lover of music and really enjoy live shows – hearing mistakes makes it all the more 'real'. So, when I listen to this – and all of Frank's recordings – knowing that he did everything 'live' – he was known as the 'one-take' artist – is remarkable. For me, Frank Sinatra with Nelson Riddle was pure magic. A musical treasure!

    ezcheeze590 says:

    there will never be another Frank Sinatra.. talk about a legend

    Andrew Cennamo says:

    nobody could take a mostly somber lyric and swing it like Frank.

    maureen1938 says:

    Sinatra as awesome as usual…..a beautiful song , lovely version of a great song.

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