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Dedicated to my daughter and all Daughters Of The Sea.

Another Doobies song I love (yes I’m on a Doobies trip right now) – Daughters of the Sea and Flying Cloud from What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits (1974), both written by Patrick Simmons (my fave Doobie). I chose some dreamy images from artist Kagaya as well as others.

Towards the end, I used a pic of my daughter at age 4 standing in front of the Mediterranean in Cyprus 1994 (birthplace of Aphrodite). I’m not a very good photographer but this is the best pic I have ever taken I believe. She looks like she is contemplating life… or imagining some fairy tale dreamy oceanic world. The Mediterranean sea is aqua blue, but the camera I had at the time did not capture the color.

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Dwonload Video Doobie Brothers Daughters Of The Sea ~~ Flying Cloud

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Doobie Brothers –  Daughters <span class='fc_lc'>of</span> <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Sea ~~ Flying Cloud
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    TadmorsTube says:

    My VERY FAVOURITE SONG by them! So great. GUITARS!

    KimberleeT1961 says:

    This is fantastic, and I've viewed /listened many times! Bravo! Thank you.

    Carl Weaver says:

    This was on the Vices album. Michael McDonald had nothing to do with this album.

    Jennifer Puhl says:

    Thank you!!:gratitude ,to you😚

    6828Lu says:

    The Doobies were my first concert in 1975, and they played this wonderfully.

    Marc Woods says:

    For my daughter Amanda and granddaughter liberty love you guys great song by the dobbies

    crackerman3772 says:

    I love the artwork in this video!

    Herbert Rossman says:

    First time I ever heard this song a classic rock station was playing it wqdr in the late 70s the station was in Raleigh nc it's a country station now back then if we wanted to hear a song we had to call the radio station and request it now you can look it up on the internet and play it anytime you want to hear it

    Robin Davies says:

    Steely Dan, doobies, csny, Bowie, deep purple, Dio, cry of Love-Hendrix, Lennon, Harrison, nilsson. May be only 31, burning do know the best parts of the 70's

    Melanie Coleman says:

    Wow.. that was cool! 💙

    Steve Dixon says:

    Was 17 when heard this, now 60, still sounds as good. Thought Vices was a close second to Cpt & Me.


    When this album came out I was 15 now I am the Big 59🤧

    Kurt Elliott says:

    Man I love this song! =8^)

    Ken Perk says:

    Beautiful way to end the album! Congrats Tiran.

    BevG181 says:

    What a Great Classic Rock Song!! Great guitar playing, I find Myself drifting away into another place listening to This Song. I don't believe there is a Song by the Doobie Brothers that I don't just Love! 💓 Patrick Simmons of The Doobie Brothers too! Nice video and great Pic of Your Daughter! Very nice!
    I truly believe that the Era of Classic Rock was the Best. I feel for the Kids growing up today and listening to that ??? Crap? I don't know what to call it but I'm sure glad I didn't have to grow up listening to it!
    Classic Rock Lives On!! Still listening in 2018! Going to See the Doobie Brothers in San Diego, CA. USA on September 22,2018!!! Several of the original Band aren't with Us but They will never be forgotten! I'm so glad that many of the Band's of the Classic Rock Era are still playing!!

    Randy Waldrop says:

    OMGOSJ! IT TAKES ME BACK…and I'm kindly…lol…old…

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