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Hip-Hop Head Reacts To Billy Joel – Piano Man (Audio) REACTION
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Dwonload Video FIRST TIME HEARING Billy Joel Piano Man (Audio) REACTION

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First Time Hearing – Billy Joel – Piano Man (audio) Reaction
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    Joey Reacts says:

    Please watch my new music video for “No Bad Vibes” LINK:

    Brian Warner says:

    I think it is awesome that you are experiencing any and all types of music. I would love to see your reaction to The Tragically Hip "Grace, Too" or "New Orleans is Sinking"; Leonard Cohen's "Halelujah"; Franz Liszt "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.

    StormyPeak says:

    I'm 54 years old and I'm finding it fun watching you discover music that was popular when I was in my teens. : )

    Raymond Fee says:

    That song is based on his experience living in LA. He is a native of long island New York but lived in Los Angeles for a while back in the day

    Marty says:

    the spirit of shine

    Rhyan Shelby says:

    No idea how you've stayed away from this kind of music all these years but could you do Hotel California

    Tiadaghton37 says:

    One of my all-time​ favorite songs!

    Ronald Diaz says:

    You should listen to this beautiful rendition of Billy Joel song-“She’s always a woman!”

    Joey Suggs says:

    The lyrics are as much of a gut punch today as they were 40 years ago.

    Merl Bartley says:

    bar room blitz by sweet

    Kirk W says:

    Would love to see what you think of Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty if you haven't heard it before.

    Richard Brand says:

    Every person mentioned in this song is a real person that Joel interacted with during his time as a piano player in a bar.

    turnerdan53 says:

    Try Meat Loaf's Paradise by the dashboard lights.

    Boo Boo says:

    The microphone smells like beer

    kurtisle says:

    A really great Billy Joel, he did many years after Piano Man is Goodnight Saigon. Its about the soldiers in Vietnam…he gets real with it. A great video of his performance is Shea Stadium… he plays with service members backing him up. Now Joey you need to hear what he's talking about. If you get it you'll cry for the guys who died there…and the ones who came back damaged for life. It gets real.

    menamiketrx says:

    Great song. Great story, that reminds me so much growing up with a father that basically was an alcoholic, and I often would be with him in the local bars. Yeah, this was early 60's and I was 8-12 years old going into bars with my Pa, and indeed, Billy Joel Nails the whole spectrum of the people you might see in the bars, there life and why they spent time (so often in the bars drinking beer). As for my Pa, I presume his alcoholism was related to his employment. One job his whole life, and it was him on a drill rig atop a mountain drilling holes in the granite mountain, so they to blast it away to make concrete. He would come home dog tired and would head for the bar to numb the day. Weekends was a 3 day drunk.

    Dave Helms says:

    The video for this was filmed in the famous NYC piano bar known as "the Duplex" in the village

    Christopher Puttre says:

    There's a reason he has residence at Madison Square Garden once a month since 2014…..

    Mateo Silberman says:

    One thousands like

    shaitanlavey says:

    Always did love this song…
    now that you've heard it, you should check out Weird Al's version called Ode to a Superhero!

    CleverScreenName says:

    Thank you, Billy. Your work is transcendent.

    Arc Kocsog says:

    This is one of my favourite songs.

    naterater100 says:

    I love your channel! You should hear some Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis is beautiful!

    Dwight K Schrute Beet Farmer says:

    Thanks for doing the reaction. This is one of favorite songs. I love how descriptive the lyrics are. It's like you're in the bar watching him play.

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