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boulverad of broken dreams video download

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Dwonload Video Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Official Video]

Green Day: “boulevard <span class='fc_lc'>of</span> Broken Dreams” – [official Video]
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    Lucan Gopal says:

    this song reminds me of spongebob ( weird I know but back in varsity this song would be on the big screen and then somehow the channel changed to spongebob )

    feminism is cancer says:


    I walk along the road
    of the broken dreams
    the broken homes
    fill the empty street
    of the broken homes
    the broken dreams
    I walk along

    Mascara I wear it with pride
    'Cause I'm a fucking fag
    lala lala lala

    James G says:

    I walk alone or I wore cologne?

    Nathan Gibson says:

    I guess this should be my theme based on my life right now.

    Hé mingway says:

    I discovered this song in 2009 <3

    Yusuf Çağlar says:

    Boulevard of Big Smoke

    Pingu says:

    Big smoke? Anyone?

    Anthony Nye says:

    Did you know he walks alone?

    new orleans says:

    აი ვოკ ონ ლონლი როუდ

    kaitlin evans says:

    This is not Chesters Band this is Green Day with the adorable Billie Joe Armstrong

    Chesters Band is Linkin Park go comment there because your making me think of Billie dead and it's making me sad

    No hate on Chester he was a wonder man he was just depressed he done what he did it was a bad decision but he done what he wanted we all make mistakes

    Księżniczka Leia says:

    Who's from Lindsey?

    Jose Millan says:

    My friend's girlfriend just cheated on him what should he do? Please any advice helps

    Kid Fury says:

    things that happened to me today:
    1) my friend said he doesnt like green day
    2) he got run over by a car
    3) i lost my driving license

    kieley Brathwaite says:

    i have that same eyeliner

    Hugo Arellano says:

    Yo Vengo Por La Rosa De Guadalupe Y Tu :'v

    RealisticLazer says:

    why did 21,000 people DISLIKE this?
    like wtf this is the best song ever
    Edit: im also gonna like my own commet becuase I WALK A LOLNELY ROADDDD

    Taco Lover says:

    When u walk ahead of ur friends…..

    Friend:Hey wait up !

    Kell&kayla 2 says:

    I blasts this Shit for the drums an Guitar🔊🔊🔊🔊

    Darrel Vidi says:


    Nana Alva says:

    You're what the was and she don not the what and


    like of the music

    Alonso Rebolledo says:

    Eso si es musica no como la chingadera de hoy en dia

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