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Guns N’ Roses performing Paradise City live at The Ritz New York 1988. Probably GN’Rs best concert.

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Dwonload Video Guns N Roses Paradise City Live At The Ritz 88

Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City – Live <span class='fc_lc'>at</span> <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Ritz 88
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    0U8123MTA3 says:

    I'll never forget the energy and talent these five brought to rock'n'roll. I've not seen this kind of musical talent and stage performance in any other concert I have seen before or after this particular ensemble of artists. Lots of talent in the world but these five brought their lives onto the stage and not just combinations of music theory. After they went separate ways, they've remained living legends to this day.

    Ron Myster says:

    This is insane! It reminds me of good old underground bands! It's was the ** back then you had it all. Sex, drugs and rock n roll!!!

    Dall Y says:

    The best GnS so rocking lovee

    Jeff Patton says:

    Mic fucking slam

    up hercules!! says:


    Thomas says:

    camera cuts to slash on the floor ringing that note out while axl is trying to get back on the stage camera then cuts back to axl struggling to get back on the stage…. rock and roll isn't made this way anymore.

    Kirk LeRoy says:

    And he never stage dived again

    Vilya B says:

    É minha gente, quem já foi Axl Rose 👏🏻

    Fergie Mahulette says:

    Music for the REAL MAN !!!!!

    John Dundern says:

    best concert ever….fucking legends. i brush my teeth to this song. TRUMP #2020

    Becky Starr says:

    ADLER!! OG!!

    Goodbye Bluesky says:

    3:53 ??

    psywarfare says:

    Get fuckin high and listen to GNR

    sillyfools foolssilly says:

    3:51 Touch Dick

    Ale Camps says:

    Holy fking sh1t

    Kid Poker says:

    this shoulda been the studio version so much better

    Vans Offthewall says:

    5:32 axl was stolen

    Luke Heironimus says:

    How much hair did Axl lose when he got out of the crowd?

    GTAVFan22 says:


    Heba Hamed says:

    5:35 😂😂😂😂

    Heba Hamed says:

    First time i see Axl without bandana😂

    Reagan Smith says:

    This one video just made my day better!so many awesome moments.😂😂😂

    Jesse Cox says:

    Original lineup can't be beat!!!!

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