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Dwonload Video Guns NRoses -Welcome To The Jungle Live At Download Festival 2018

Guns N’roses -welcome <span class='fc_lc'>to</span> <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Jungle Live <span class='fc_lc'>at</span> Download Festival 2018
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  • Comments

    Zulham S says:

    gnr was death….

    MatteoTornado says:

    arghhhh estrogens to go go

    skogshallon80 says:

    Är det i Göteborg

    Victor Runciman says:

    Wow, Axel looks totally different.

    Willard Mitchell says:

    To the ones that complimented gnr I give u a high five to the wise asses with their fun making,why don't u go listen to Justin bieber,that's prob what suits u music.

    miguel Llamas says:

    Buena cancion me gusto

    Daniel Borges says:

    Zuado demais .

    Chris Dubay says:

    Axl's voice nowadays is so bipolar. Sometimes he sounds like Mickey Mouse and other times he sounds exactly like the way he did back in like '91

    Trevor Leon says:

    drummer sucks the big one..

    Louis Delmonte says:

    First when Axl showed up, I thought it was Meatloaf. Singing is decent though.

    Javier Gamez says:

    Will see if the "artists"that whe have these days, still singing like guns and roses in 30 years from now,

    Berserker AxeMace says:

    UGH…..that's all I can type

    Денис Руднев says:

    It's hard to look at these fat old peasants who sing the song of youth after 30 years. In this already no kicks, moreover – it looks disgusting. GnR would be better to record something new, suitable for their weight and age

    ArizMo2015 says:

    There are some really hilarious jokes about AXL in this comment section. However, his performance was better here than back in 1992 when he came with Metallica and Faith No More at Phoenix International Raceway. I suspect he was a bit buzzed. I forgive the guy. Lol. Slash and the boys did great as well here 🤘.

    Starbreaker666 says:

    Slash break his fucking neck? Dude looks weird.

    matias torrez says:

    Damn! Foxs Axl rose ,appetite for mac'donalls!! Butt ass..

    Ivan Pastene Alvarado says:

    Slash quitate ese sombrero por favor !!!!

    jason robbins says:

    If you are a 90's kid nothing makes you happier than seeing this

    Ian Kerr says:

    Sounds like shit

    jason robbins says:

    Its 2018 not 1990! What do you expect from Axl? Im just happy they r back performing & Slash & Axl solved all there BS!

    A Joseph says:

    This is terrible. lol

    Carlos Diaz Montesinos says:

    bien cierto es la palabra de DIOS
    toda carne es como la hierba y toda la gloria del hombre como flor de la hierba
    la hierba de seca y la flor de cae
    más la palabra del SEÑOR JESUCRISTO permanece para siempre
    así son todos los hombres que se creen eterno pobre de axl ni voz tiene todo panzon viejo sin Gloria más mi DIOS JEHOVA es eterno y todo su amor permanece en sus hijos

    Chris Roberts says:

    Fucking wank comments on here get a life guns and roses now not 88 for fuck sake axl voice couldnt stay that way still sounds fucking awsome in my opinion but theres haters every were so you lot go fuck your selfs CUNTS.

    WK WKK says:

    Sehr schlecht,nur noch ein Schatten ihrer selbst! Krach und Geballer,Axel schreit nur noch rum!

    justin alvarado says:

    I hope you all understand that everyone in the WHOLE world knows the lyric's to this song. I think that speaks volumes. There are people that know the lyrics, who have never even heard of the band. Talk about making and impact in Rock and Roll history. Why to go G&R. I am going to go see them know.

    Lihin Junaidi says:

    I miss Gilby Calrk

    ghkdtjdguq1 says:

    God bless GNR!!!

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