Download How to Play “cocaine” By Eric Clapton (jj Cale) on Guitar - Video 2018

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Hey guys, Marty here with “MartyMusic” hope you are having a great day! Here’s a Clapton lesson for “Cocaine” – Thanks again for supporting, see you soon!


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Dwonload Video How To Play Cocaine By Eric Clapton (JJ Cale) On Guitar

How <span class='fc_lc'>to</span> Play “cocaine” By Eric Clapton (jj Cale) <span class='fc_lc'>on</span> Guitar
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    Marty Music says:

    Thanks for watching! Also free courses at

    Daniel Hattais says:

    Hi Marty thank you for providing us such good music. I'm looking forward you to propose a "Little red rooster" Stones version. Have a nice day.

    M Deea says:

    Really looking for a spanish song. Does he have any??

    MrBakersClub says:


    Jesse Barrera says:

    Marty do you believe that because of competition and just the will to survive that low end and mid end guitars are getting better quality and value?

    Cyrus Geller says:

    Love the vids Marty! Would love a lesson on a moderately simple Indigo Girls song if you can!

    Juli Clark says:

    Sounds like NIB

    Hearse Bus says:

    Hey you should teach everyone some pelicans for sale songs.

    Isaac Sojka says:

    Hey Marty this video rocked! I would like too see some more foo fighters stuff please. Thanks and rock on

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