Download Jay-z | 4:44 Type Beat “great” (prod. L. David) - Video 2018

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Dwonload Video Jay-Z | 4:44 Type Beat Great (Prod. L. David)

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Jay-z | 4:44 Type Beat “great” (prod. L. David)
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    Apple Cap' says:

    I just subscribed and hit the bell and shared your video please do the same for me thank you support each

    KID BY ART says:

    Money prices
    Becoming new to me
    Interest only to tell the truth
    When I need
    Is more important than running
    To DA death
    I know mi steps
    I know mi blessed
    Different between being caught
    And to catch
    To mi flows
    From poems
    Pencisl to tell me which hand to shoot with
    I feel special
    To see rise in mi GPA
    Ten years
    Looking to mi fears
    Still none
    Still to none
    I'm the one
    Tell mi mom
    Im the sun
    A star to mi eyes
    Own to mi owned
    I hope I know
    When its Mi time to go
    Now I know
    I'll never have to leave
    Thankful to mi believe
    Still banking on mi future in Belize
    Private islands
    For me and the whole team
    We been working all life
    To make what we do sound OK
    I know its a knock out to DA opposite team
    Its only cause we chose to dream
    From our mothers lust of love
    I feel the same
    I know mi own Jesus chain
    Will help me change
    New wheels expect new rims
    New nets from mi gold winning practice I need wings to feed
    Me addictions
    She tell me keep winning

    Samkelo Cetyiwe says:

    This is a dope beat brother. May I use it in my upcoming Mixtape for noncommercial purposes and I'll give you the credit?

    Latoya Owens says:


    Trevor Jhones says:

    I can hear this playing while im on the highway just leaving the hood for good in a drop top💯💯🔥🔥

    Lofi Radio says:

    i feel like no id would be proud. beautiful job

    Cameron Crump says:

    Music dat I wrote for ya eyes to see
    Shit dat you cope wit frightening
    Sooner I’ma make it life ain’t Deesh

    The Connexx says:

    this soulful bro

    Mike Mo says:

    I'm gonna body this beat and pay you later playa

    RayeShaun says:

    Awesomely Gorgeous.

    Diablo Blanco says:

    Looking like a
    Highly hyped
    Hollywood star
    But she the type
    To fuck on the hood of a car
    Cruise down FDR
    She got a friend
    Living in Brooklyn
    Not too far
    From here
    Often hear
    Her hollering
    At an officeer
    Whether or not
    To toss the beer
    Before it cost a year
    Three time strikers
    35 to lifers
    Looking heavier
    Than an
    All-nighter’s eyelids
    Drooping from the highlands
    Of Riker’s Island’s
    Solitary confinements
    Caged tigers and lions
    Scary clients
    Come together
    In a cypher’s alliance
    Against arbitrary violence
    As the glary horizon’s
    Unwary guidance
    Barely widens
    We see
    Honorary defiance
    From voluntary tyrants
    Taking over
    Monastery asylums
    Coz nothing is promised
    But commissary
    And silence

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