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Dwonload Video Jay Z Best Of Both Worlds (Instrumental)

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Jay Z – Best <span class='fc_lc'>of</span> Both Worlds (instrumental)
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    Stove Marino says:

    Stove so put together
    Well rounded
    Talented a style that's in forever
    The hood Mayweather
    Only few look better
    With or without cheddar
    Always been a trend setter
    Slide in Jags J30's N CHROME JETTAS
    Back to rap
    Only few sound better
    Now back to my females
    Only a few get wetter
    Thoughts dumbfounded yet Resounded
    Use to be a high spender
    NAME BRAND NIGGA, WHEN I should have known better
    Mask on Vic's knew better
    Game on Opponents LIKE DAMN How we defend'EM
    Life hacks, LEARN HOW TO STACK
    Still Dutch Masters No gift wrapps
    Always hustling like Jahova witness door to door mats
    Don't talk smack, then turn ya back
    NY home of the twisted caps
    Dogma's and Catacombs governments traps
    /dog's n cats get swallowed by birds and rats
    Only a few make it out their own habitats.
    Those are snapple facts

    Martin Lathen says:

    I spitten forr the mitten
    And to come to my hood off the wood
    And crank is forbidden
    Wrote in blood without the written
    See if a ninja bull shitin
    Flow unconscious like your girl on my johnson
    I lay you pretty up in Swanson
    Not foe that nonsense
    You got a death wish like Charles Bronson

    Mark Masters says:

    What cannot be denied about Jay z is his amazing ear for production ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Oel Gaines says:

    Never lose it
    I found it
    Never missing repititon dippin in and out
    Never understand a drought
    Im flipping anything i can
    I spit for linclons thats a lotta 5s
    Highway flow thats alotta drive

    Vaughn Chambers says:

    somebody upload the track w lyrics

    SupahDupahPlayahMackNumbah 1 says:


    Zach Brands says:

    Talk to em Kels! Bestttt offffff bothhhh worldssssss ayayyy

    JOEY GHOST says:

    fred the godson killed that shit

    Laura says:

    I do it for the rhymes not the fame
    And move it just in time for the plane
    Don't complain, these my lines of the cain
    I supply your high times with ya strains
    Snort it in ya brain, got a fortune and you paying
    I aint playing, I be riding in ya favourite porsches to the game
    With my aim you better be cautious what you saying
    All the diamonds flawless in my chain
    Cost me a couple small islands, i'm balling so insane
    Known for my allies, not even the government calls me by my name

    It's a chick schooling you cats
    Only time you strapped is when you getting screwed from the back

    Matthew Eashman says:

    Just heard Fred The Godson freestyle over this and he killed it.

    TheAdamSmasher Multiverse says:

    This is too clean. I gotta get on this

    Ahmeddeck MAI says:

    Nice one with Jay-Z, missing the part Beyoncé plays though.

    GAMBIT says:

    My mind state , relate to moving weight /
    when it come , to getting cake , my nigga , i can't wait /
    I Been nice , with math , since i was eight /
    watching David Letterman , eating Entenmann's cake/

    *E Mighty* says:

    drink n my two step, think before I do shit, live life loving me, to the tombs set, wild ryhme spitting for that multi million dollar crib to fit my kids in, can u dig it,
    E nicer, I'm da man on fire, fire man rowdy Roddy piper,
    dick sliver in her like a viper,
    nigara falls on my balls, ouuu I think I like her, can't knock the hustle, cause u not like us, we work our muscles play the field like lifers,
    stand tall like the effiel, hit long range wit da rifle, punches hit hard like mike do, n ain't no telling what I might do, u don't know me like that to question me, ight Duke
    so keep it moving n study my movement s cause hating only gonna get u shots in ya location,
    e no tuff guy, all I do is puff lye, but I'll be damn if Dem rub eye the wrong way

    Ty Thip says:

    freestyle friday jin

    The Sneezy says:

    Freestyle Friday and Jin.

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