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This is the classic song Hurts So Good by John Cougar. Enjoy.

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Dwonload Video John Cougar: Hurts So Good

Download: John Cougar: Hurts So Good Hurts so good - wikipea, "hurts so good" is a song by american singer-songwriter john mellencamp, then forming under the stage name "john cougar." the song was a number two hit on the billboard hot 100 for the singer/songwriter.. Download: John Cougar: Hurts So Good John cougar - hurts so good lyrics | azlyrics, When i was a young boy said put away tho young boy ways now that i'm gettin' older so much older i long for tho young boy days with a girl li you. Download: John Cougar: Hurts So Good Hurts so good chords by john mellencamp @, [intro] / as the names of some of the chords are too long, i've ud the following code: chord code ----- a(no 3rd) a1 asus2 a2 a6(no 3rd) a3 / [intro] / a1 a2 a a3 a1 a1 a2 a.

Download John Cougar: Hurts So Good John mellencamp – wikipedia, John mellencamp (auch als johnny cougar, john cougar oder john cougar mellencamp bent; * 7. oktober 1951 in seymour, inana, usa) ist ein us-ameriischer rock- und folksänger.. Download John Cougar: Hurts So Good John mellencamp - wikipedia, John j mellencamp (born october 7, 1951), previously known as johnny cougar, john cougar, and john cougar mellencamp, is an american musicn, singer-songwriter, painter, and actor.. Download John Cougar: Hurts So Good John mellencamp - american fool - amazon music, This shopping feature will continue to load items. in order to navigate out of this caroul plea u your heang shortcut y to navigate to the next or previous heang..

John Cougar: Hurts So Good
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    Al mack says:


    Diane Aragon says:

    John Cougar….fantastic!

    Guiann Conover says:

    Good, old Indiana boy,

    reikibee says:

    This is not a 70's song, its from 1982… wish ppl could get their music in the right decade…

    Tracijo London says:

    This song is still great in 18 ✌️

    CGARYBOYAN Falcon cgaryboyan 2naynyn says:


    Fran Brister says:

    love this cougar

    srbgrl says:

    Its actually John Mellencamp

    KOH Joo Hua says:

    ——— WHATS APP KOH ——— +(65) 9433-3363

    Anthony Pennell says:

    Friday nights playing pool at the top pub in Baradine NSW with my girl then out to the can heap to party ..Awesome memories of my teen years

    tiare hapuku says:

    Love this… back in the days. Was a kid when this came out

    Drea Royer says:

    Love it! My dad uncles and aunts always played this! Never gets old

    Cleonilde Soares Nobre says:


    Nixon Fleming says:

    One of my favorite songs

    Mary Kohler says:

    My husband does this at karoke dam he rocks it

    Ethan Ott says:

    The problem with playing these kinds of songs is that whenever I turn up the volume, my middle-aged Dad stands outside my door and belts out the lyrics.

    สมุน โสภา says:

    so… good…sogoodๆ

    Luan Zeka says:

    This Song never gets Old!

    Barbara Feely says:

    Who is listening in 2018 ? Love my old music!! They really hit the soul ❤

    James Boyd says:

    Make more like this song🎤🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎙🎙🎙🎙♩♩♩🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵

    James Boyd says:

    Good song😎😎😎😁

    John Krabbe says:

    I seen you in Concert in Fla, It was so hot in the charts , while playing Uker !

    Bryan Isoé says:

    Alto Temazo

    Ethan Ott says:

    come on baby

    Bill Watson says:

    The singer's name is John Mellencamp

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