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From “The Phil Donahue Show” (1978).
I love this video!!

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Dwonload Video John Denver The Phil Donahue Show (1978) [3/6]

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John Denver – <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Phil Donahue Show (1978) [3/6]
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    Dorothy Butemeyer says:

    Annie is such a beautiful person. But it is so obvious when he talks she doesn't believe a thing he is saying. They where so young when they married, and I dont think she was aware how emotionally insecure he was. At that age and times none us knew much about behaviors. Even after John admitted to his infidelity, she was willing to talk about keeping the marriage together, but by then, it was pretty much over. I think John always struggled with depression and loneliness. His music was his therapy. Annie has never married, and she has never said a harsh word about John. Maybe because of the children, or just she loved him, and knew he too still loved her.

    Liane Cornils says:

    She's so down to earth. ūü§Ēūüėä

    HeRacesTheSun says:

    Marriage 'commitments' are great, right up until the divorce.

    Liane Cornils says:

    Too bad he didn't work through that with the women he cheated on Annie with. It's one thing to sing it, it's yet another to live it. Nobody, not even John, was or ever will be perfect. What we strive for is not ruining a man's life. In search of that perfection. Take the log out of your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove it from your brothers. Rip John.

    Liane Cornils says:

    You can't put yourself on the back burner forever. Eventually, it ends. Here is the early foreshadowing.

    hobbs padgett says:

    I used to like Phil. but he was being an ass Hurt my heart watching this

    Liane Cornils says:

    No I e know owe lo less till you meet people willing to cage up a patient so. Predator can go free.

    savedfaves says:

    I have to say this, Annie was so beautiful. I've seen her in several interviews. John was looking to have been with her for a while.

    James White says:

    I am not James White, but whatever….

    James White says:

    Watching that interview just now was painful. They were so careful in their responses, so cautious and trying to put a good spin on things, but the pain and the disconnect were so evident, and joyful loving looks between them were sadly absent. Wish they could've gotten back together, but they knew what was best for them, and some things after awhile can't be ignored or gotten past. Lovely folks, sad story. I respect her tons, and miss John's presence in this world.

    Archie Thomas says:

    Did John Denver and Annie have a biological son?

    Archie Thomas says:

    It's ironic she said surrender in her answer to a question  since Sweet Surrender was the title to one of John Denver's songs.

    Archie Thomas says:

    TV host John Davidson asked & pressed Barry White's wife Gourdine?  about what she liked about Barry & Barry said stop it. JD asked stop what & Barry said just stop it.

    Grandma PJ says:

    The look on Her face says it all. So much love there, but betrayal as well.

    mrlanders08 says:

    It is somewhat painful to watch this, knowing what we know now about the true nature of their relationship. He admitted many times years after the divorce that he regularly cheated on Annie while on the road – the fact that they were leading lives apart so often, along with his depression and moodiness, and his cheating broke up the marriage. Still, he remains one of the most amazing talents that ever lived, and Annie is a remarkable woman.

    ladygreyheart2012 says:

    I think that Annie was the great love of John's life. I always hoped they would find their way back to each other.

    Linda Dennison says:

    If only Phil had known the real truth…

    Fireworxs2012 says:

    Donahue was a Hollywood whore that would literally say and do ANYTHING for ratings..A walking talking POHS.

    bctvguy says:

    Annie knew that John was not emotionally stable and how she put up with him for so long was a miracle.  I still love most of his music. Although he was a great singer-songwriter, he had many demons and his autobiography (TAKE ME HOME)  is one depressing book.  I try to put his wacko personality aside and remember his music for truly that was the best part of him and it is his enduring legacy.

    midnight0675 says:

    why did he divorce her if he loved her, if they loved each other?

    tennsmoothie says:

    I have always thought the same thing – they never got over each other. there were rumors of a reconciliation for them in the couple of years before he died – that would have been beautiful.

    I think he was kinda lost for some years after they broke up – why he married that Australian floozie, i'll never understand.

    William Boynton says:

    Sounds like Annie was trying to put the best spin on a very difficult relationship. Kind of sad.

    Shasha8674 says:

    It is interesting to see his expression as his wife talks. He said he talked better in songs than in person.

    Shasha8674 says:

    The audience got very quiet when he said that they could not have kids. He adopted two kids. He had low sperm count and more issues maybe about their health…but did have a child with his young second wife. I am glad he got to experience eventually having a child of his own and helping at the birth of it.

    paul smith says:

    No wonder he wrote such a lovely song. Annie was (and still is) so beautiful!

    mamallama29 says:

    She is STILL 'a looker'! Have you seen the documentary from a few years ago?? She is at least as stunning now as back then. I am amazed at their openness here – what lovely people.

    ambersalcove says:

    he has got a point there

    pattykad says:

    Yes, he admitted cheating on her in his autobiography. But what I really meant
    is that they didn't stay together and he ended up marrying someone else
    that was not right for him at all. .

    Bobbie 1957 says:

    @pattykad like what? what do we know now? please tell me he didn't cheat on her

    pattykad says:

    Great video, although alittle uncomfortable knowing what we know now.

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