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Josh Groban talking about the song “99 Years” from the new album ‘Bridges’ available now: at

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Dwonload Video Josh Groban 99 Years (The Story Behind The Song)

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Josh Groban – 99 Years (the Story Behind <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Song)
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    73Lioness73 says:

    Brillinant duet..

    debby elfrida says:

    Nah.. just marry me and we can prove the 99years

    Diane Giovanniello says:

    Magnificent singer performer Josh Groban and I Thank You 🙏👍❤️

    ME - says:

    I hadn't thought of J-Net for a duet with Josh . . . but . . . O M G they are perfect together.

    EVIL EYE says:

    Energy is bursting with the sun 😞if there’s anything….♥️♥️♥️I

    LivsYa says:

    Not married yet? I can help with that.

    Elizabeth Alvarez says:

    Who else ships them cuz i do

    Lanu Mhamad says:

    Hey😢 i love you

    Carol Franks says:

    Thank you Josh, for another wonderful song…You are amazing, I love your beautiful voice and a personality to match.

    kimberly carlson says:

    Congratulations to your parents on being married 50 years! That is awesome….especially in a world where people's multiple marriages are about as long as a commercial.
    My parents were married 34 years. They would have been married longer if my Dad hadn't had a stroke and passed away two months earlier unexpectedly. Maybe he just wasn't a fan of big numbers (he died two weeks before his 70th birthday too).

    certainlyitis says:

    I could not possibly love Jennifer Nettles' voice any more, so I'm super happy Groban brought her in for this duet.

    Sally says:

    Can someone tell me who Jennifer is and what her last name is?

    Ni Ni says:

    I hate that I chose my favourite singer to be one with whose songs I can never sing-along with… Apart from the fact that I can't sing to save my life, Josh will at times be singing in all these different languages and at other times, his voice will be soaring to stratosphere while mine flaps around at the ground trying to (unsuccessfully) achieve lift-off! 😂

    Samah Hatim says:

    Amazing voice josh!
    God bless U ❤

    H.V. Musician says:

    Josh your voice is louder in this music then her… 🙂

    aurelia fika says:

    loveeeee all of your new songs <3333

    이비Evee says:

    I'll marry you 😀

    ank2106 says:

    Thank you for posting the stories behind the songs! It helps me a lot when I can create a context around the songs I listen to, because I am really attentive to the lyrics and the message they communicate. And thank you for being so open Josh! 🙂

    Paula Stremland says:

    Happy 50th anniversary Jack and Melinda. Beautiful song Joshua wrote for you two, and its also a beautiful song for others who have a strong everlasting marriage. Happy anniversary!

    Alpha Omega says:

    Thank you for sharing this because it's nice to know about the amazing people behind the voices and what thoughts come to you about life long friendship with your loved one that makes your world secure & joyful. You have wonderful people around you which is most important and it's nice to know that you value them so much. Now I'll listen knowing all these little thoughts and can share in those lovely feelings of wonderful people that make up our world. This is your life that you're living not married or married, you have nice people in your heart and you sing. Perfect!!

    mion ppff says:

    So wandfull 🌹 love it 🍀

    Ada Esther Quintana says:

    Hermosa canción!

    Susanne Samuelsson says:

    🍃🌻I love this song and the lyrics. I am 34 years on my way in married life. Josh and Jennifers voices works perfect and beautiful together. So nice song! 🌻🍃

    Ester Marbun says:

    I love u josh groban…

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