Download Josh Groban – Bridge Over Troubled Water (official Audio) - Video 2018

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Official Audio for Josh Groban’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” from the upcoming new album ‘Bridges’
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Dwonload Video Josh Groban Bridge Over Troubled Water (Official Audio)

Josh Groban – Bridge Over Troubled Water (official Audio)
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    Marie Mckee says:

    Really lovely song ☺

    Linda Morrison says:

    Wow….. Just….. Wow…. Thank you Sir!
    Subtle arrangement just lets the song and the voice work their magic .
    And thank you for signing my Comet egg on Loose Women yesterday!❤

    Jose Antonio Padilla Padilla says:

    Excelente versión! La voz de Josh y el coro woooaooowww!!!

    Stéphanie Klein says:

    I'm sincerely taken aback by the fact that this isn't my favourite version of the song. Still, no less, not a bit short of amazing!

    indang philippines says:

    awesome josh . one of a kind lovelots lovelots

    FlyingTireIron says:

    My wife of 33 years and I will be front row & center at Phoenix… anniversary surprise for her… can't wait to share the experience with her!!!!!

    Scott Stewie says:

    Great job Josh groban… my favorite is Elvis Presley version live of this song. Would love to hear jonny Lang do this…

    Marilyn Meade says:

    Best version of this song
    In a long time
    Love Josh so much his voice is so beautiful
    So happy new cds will be out soon

    Elphienfiero1 says:

    One of my favorite Simon & Garfunkel songs! Beautifully done!

    James Mahan says:

    I love this old timey song, I abs. love the Believe song you wrote for Polar I did a recording today with that song but made sure you were mentioned as the source. Thanks..

    Diana Cryder says:

    Love you, Josh. But in these troubled times, even our bridges are being washed out by the storm 😔

    stevienicked says:

    Oh….that so beautiful, so very expressive, voice. Thank you Josh, for putting this song on the new album !

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