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Josh put together a special video tutorial to guide you through the Spotify process.

The new album ‘Bridges’ available now at

If you are already a SPOTIFY subscriber you can listen to JOSH GROBAN’S SPOTIFY SINGLES here:

Connect with Josh:

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Dwonload Video Josh Groban How To Use Spotify

Josh Groban – How <span class='fc_lc'>to</span> Use Spotify
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    nicole797 says:

    Ok Josh I will get Spotify, for u, I listen to nothing but your music! It just makes me happy!

    이비Evee says:

    How many people will download spotify today?? 😃

    Emma Doran says:

    I'll have to open my old spotify kinda got frustrated with it years ago

    Te Whetu Thompson says:

    Shameless plug for Spotify…but yes I have premium 😁

    Hjordis Torfa says:

    Thank you kindly Josh.. you are a darling how wouldn't like to lissen to your voice/music.. "All day long" I LoveALove the thoughts of beeing able to do that 👍All the best to you 💕✌😊💕🍃🌹🍃

    Michelle 84 says:

    Why have I never heard of Spotify until now ? 😕

    maria veloso says: dia Josh🤗😇🤗🎶🍁💕☀🎶🎶🙌😘..

    Mizusenshi says:

    I love how enthusiastic he is about it.

    I do have to say though they literally do have everything. I was looking for traditional Japanese music to have on in the background while working on my historical fiction novel, and amazingly THEY HAD IT. I've found a lot of other good playlists on there too, and last Valentine's Day, when I was all moody about being without a Valentine, I actually made a playlist on there for my mood (made up of breakup songs – like "Love Stinks" from The Wedding Singer and "Drunk on a Plane" – and girl power songs like "Run The World (Girls)").

    This is not a sponsored comment

    peermusic says:

    Alexa, play "You Raise Me Up" forever.

    SoHardToBeMe says:

    Love you man

    hudna1 says:

    I'm promoting Purity! GREAT Stories! And by the way. I love More of You!

    Cheryl Sibson says:

    Hey Josh, loved the awake CD I heard your bridge and the other new songs coming out, just fantastic work your doing! Thanks for letting me know about Spotify!

    animeanonymous says:

    I LOVE YOU JOSH~~~!!!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚

    Upiesz says:

    really josh? really?? gosh i love u..

    stevienicked says:

    Been using it for years.Very glad that Josh is telling everyone about it !

    Susanne Samuelsson says:

    I have used the app for many years on my computer and on my mobile phone and it works great! Your albums / whole catalog is one of my favorite places up there. I love your new album "Bridges" and all the songs on it. The music the lyrics as well as your amazing wonderful voice is something so special to me… thank you Josh! 👍🎹🎶💖😊

    Betty Guest says:

    Thanks Josh!!🤗😊🙏💗🌺💐🌸

    lydia b says:

    thank u for teaching me, mr. groban

    Jill Sheehan says:

    The Hallmark exclusive album, "With You," isn't there, though. 😩 Nor are other exclusive tracks. Close to everything, though.

    Susan Lyon says:

    Love u Josh
    Thank you for the info!!
    Will download the app

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