Download Josh Groban with Sarah Mclachlan – Run (official Audio) - Video 2018

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Official Audio for Josh Groban with Sarah McLachlan “Run” from the new album ‘Bridges’ out now:

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Dwonload Video Josh Groban With Sarah McLachlan Run (Official Audio)

Josh Groban <span class='fc_lc'>with</span> Sarah Mclachlan – Run (official Audio)
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    Florinda Grenning says:

    Josh you are loved by us❀️your fansπŸŒˆπŸ€πŸŒΉ

    M.S. S. Smith says:

    Awesome! Great Duet! πŸ‘πŸ‘Have always loved their voices and the song was a great choice. πŸ‘©

    jackuon says:

    gorgeous. filled my heart, lifted my spirit, and bought tears to my eyes. β™₯

    Bob Wheaton says:

    Brilliant version. Powerful performances by Josh and Sarah, well matched in the duet.

    Davel Prayer says:

    WHAT A DUET!!!

    Caesar Teh says:

    Wish to hear more of Sarah's vocal in this rendition =)

    Hakim Gousmi says:

    Sarah McLachlan a big respect to one of the best voices that exist .Her voice is so touching

    Sara M. de Queiroz says:

    I can't believeeee it! I love this song! <3 THIS COVER IS JUST AMAZING!

    coleen may says:

    Amazingly beautiful.

    olivia jesus says:

    Love the version of the Leona Lewis, this version looks amazing 😍😍😍😍😍 perfect duet

    Joanne Tilly says:

    Great song murdered, I don't like it sorry… too sweet, too Factor X like…

    Hilke Schlesinger says:

    Toll toll toll … WunderschΓΆner Song !

    polishprincess86 says:

    CAN'T stop listening to this song! They sound BEAUTIFUL together! Another favorite song of Josh's now.

    Betsida says:

    My Goodness, This is Beautiful Josh and Sarah McLachlan what a unique voice.. I love you both singing together so so beautiful.. I am totally in Love with your music..Love you too Sarah. Blessings to you Both..:)xo

    Drea McLaughlin says:

    I love the song choice for both of them. This is going to sound really random, but I really wanted to use this song for years for a series project that has been close to my heart for a long time. Josh and Sarah were always in the cards for music choices, but THIS song in particular was one of the songs that helped inspire the idea. Just makes me so happy to see that this song reached them too. πŸ˜€

    cutie thenoobie says:

    This is why i am a Grobanite forever <3

    Carla Ines says:

    Love this song πŸ’– You are perfect 🎢🎀🎀🎢

    Cheryl Sibson says:

    Josh Groban, great music, that song " so she dances", was written for me and my mom, my mom was a Ballerina and you sense the touch of the world and make it better! "Run" will be extremely successful! Thanks Sarah McLachlan and Josh.

    Lyme_pithgypsy says:


    Barbara Dick says:

    Just love everything I've listened to. Love anything he does God gave him such a gift and he uses it well!

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