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Dwonload Video Justin Bieber Sorry (Acoustic)

Download: Justin Bieber Sorry (Acoustic) Listado - - kar karao, Español 1 - 12 corazon de roca - lucero 2 - 2 minutos - ya no sos igual 3 - 31 minutos - bailan sin cesar 4 - 31 minutos - equilibrio.

Justin Bieber – Sorry (acoustic)
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    Chris Murphy says:

    Justin loves long shirts

    oula saiid says:

    Beautiful justin
    Ilove you justin

    oula saiid says:

    دخيل ربك جاستن

    Mudhiraj Mounika Mouni says:


    Ty Wilson says:

    BLOOD ? WHY 🤦🏼‍♂️ Never Mind

    rohan singh says:

    1:44 lmaooo

    Manju Singh says:

    I think that justin 's favourite colour is black and white

    Kenon Sherpa says:

    His vocals not that on point to be honest…. He is good with autotune… So he should stick with it .. 🤣

    julia Lefatle says:

    He's perfect and cute

    Dindacatur Rini says:

    Lovee ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Tzon Xalili says:

    I luv u so much justiiiiin,u have got such a beautiful voice…!!!!!

    Guuh Sm says:

    Essa edição é uma merda

    Emma Nyberg says:

    Much better than the real one

    Nihadculest song Syoufi says:

    wonderful achievement 💜🌸💓✏✒❤

    Karen Unicórnio says:

    Justin ♥️♥️♥️

    Prince Kumar says:

    Your voice is so good nd nice

    Parvaiz Ahmad says:

    I can sing better than Justin bieber

    The art of lyrics says:

    Wow your voice is cute i love your voice

    Ника Никитина says:

    Чего гитарист так выебывается? Классный бит – заглушенные струны, качает так… Джастин хорошо спел. А вот эти два парня только мешали.

    jozif cecil says:


    SOoRAj says:


    unique angel says:

    Awesome Justin Bieber

    Риве Приве says:

    Кто из России?

    Aditya Maulana Hakim says:


    belieber anj says:

    June 2018 anyone???

    Shivani Varma says:

    Lovely Voice Justin 😙😙😙😍😍😍

    Üñïćä Śäŕä Üñïćä says:

    Love jeastin

    Валерия Деревянко says:

    😍😍 лучший, прекрасный голос

    Misbayanti _harris J says:


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