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By Mkoonce

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Dwonload Video Kanye West Freestyle 4 (Official Instrumental)

Download: Kanye West Freestyle 4 (Official Instrumental) Lyberty, L y b e r t y . c o m : now rving over 10,000 files (> 2,200 active html pages) adb creative suite 3 compare lyberty . splash page version: 2007-06-28 (june 28) 選ぶべき道は自由か死だ。.

Kanye West – Freestyle 4 (official Instrumental)
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    Mathias Koonce says:

    IF YOU WANT THIS BEAT JUST PM ME. I've said it like 10 times.

    S H I N E H I G H L I G says:

    fucking excellent!

    Oliver Swaine says:

    Yo I am doing a freestyle to this in a week for a vid any chance I could use for a small YouTube company

    Full credits would be guaranteed

    PlatinumInvader says:


    Freestyle 4

    Bugatti Beez


    Aye my nigga did you get that extra fries?
    Why you ain't get the fucking extra fries?
    What d'you mean you could-
    You shoulda said you know BEEZ
    Shorty in the drive thru wanna suck my dick!
    Get them extra fries my nigga hurry up!

    When it comes to rapping dawg I am legend
    My bad what I meant to say is
    When it come to rapping dawg I am present
    Best rapper out there man I am present
    Nobody want it with the K-I-D
    You couldn't be me with a fake ID
    Flow sicker than chlamydia, cold sores, the flu and HIV
    Always had it in me, time to pull it out me
    Niggas hated on me
    Heading straight to the top elevators only
    Cause you know when you shining to bright with that heat they get shady homie
    But I'm never giving up (No)
    This is not beginner's luck (No)
    Yeah my car's tinted
    Yeah my bars are The sickest
    Keep them racks on me like I'm the God at tennis
    I been all in my shell like a turtle and shit
    Holding all this together like a like a girdle and shit
    Then when life tries to throw all these obstacles
    All in my path, best believe I just hurdled this shit
    Shorty is with me is wetter than Squirtle and shit
    She just want nuts like a squirrel and shit
    I can slow the flow down – or speed it the fuck up
    I get all over the beat and I be beat the fuck up
    Tryna get my family good so I can gather up
    All of the stresses in my life and delete it the fuck up
    They feeding me weak rappers, I eat them the fuck up
    No time for the lames, no time for the games
    Next car that I cop gotta be a convertible
    Cause I sometimes I swear, I don't be having time for the brain
    Different – me I am opposite, same
    Get off the road you are not in my lane
    What the fuck do y'all want me to say?
    I make it rain dear, of course they expect me to slay
    Man I been the shit for a minute
    Charlie Sheen all in my image
    I'm winning, I'm in it
    The car that I drive all my life is not rented
    The bitches I fuck all exquisite
    They told me to watch for the snakes in this game
    But I'm watching anything that look like a lizard

    Hold the fuck up man
    They say "don't bite the hand that feed you"
    The rap game holding on by just a thread
    And now everybody like "come on BEEZ, we need you"
    What the fuck you need me for?
    Am I the bomb like C-4?
    Didn't I tell y'all this before?
    I am a jackass, do I not look just like Eeyore?
    You know what's crazy?
    The media think I'm half koala
    Why else would I be on them trees for?
    She sucking dick – what else she on her knees for?
    Got the brain, I keep the dummy
    Go the fame, I need the money
    Shoutout to Benjamin Franklin cause he's a hunnid
    And I don't know too many like him
    I've seen so many niggas fresh for pussy
    These days I don't think too many like him
    It's crazy though, I got a crazy flow
    I don't work in no pizzeria but these days I see crazy dough
    I got niggas in my hood with potatoes on a barrel right now
    Keep it gravy bro
    I'm slim but never shady though
    219 they made me bro
    Rep that on a daily though
    Don't too much phase me bro
    Man if I ain't getting money, I'm pro'lly getting fellatio

    Man it's easy
    Look at my bank account that shit cheesy
    Walk in the jewellery store like "bitch freeze me"
    Stevie Wonder versus John Cena
    I can't see y'all niggas and y'all niggas can't see me
    Growing up I've probably seen more static than 6 TVs
    Yeah, yeah I'm brown on the outside
    But inside I'm bout that green – I been kiwi
    Fresh in the game and already it feels like
    Either I'm way too big or the competition just seems a bit measly
    Hoes these days they can get a bit sleazy
    But none of these bitches gonna stop the flow
    Green light, yeah I got to go
    Swear to God man, I love rap music – it ain't even about the dough
    But since I'm making it, there's no mistaking it
    If there's a crown I better end up taking it
    If there's a record, I'mma do my best to end up breaking it
    This bitch I fuck got pussy so damn wet, feel like a lake in it
    A1, fuck around and have a steak with it
    Not to mention I ain't got no kids or nuthin
    But she always down to baby sit
    Fuck around be rapping till I'm 86
    They say I be rapping bout some crazy shit
    Got my friends thinking I'm an alien
    I walk in then I turn up like I'm 2 Chainz
    Not to mention I don't have on just one, I have on 2 chains
    If her titties out, guess I'm a titty boy just like that nigga 2 Chainz
    Yeah I dress like Batman but I think like Bruce Wayne
    Mind so sharp it's like I think in Blu-Ray
    Cause fiascos like that nigga Lupe
    Riding foreign, never riding boring
    You ain't talking money nigga I'll ignore it
    Closet got me feeling like I signed with Jordan
    Fire fighters, fire trucks
    Yeah that's the the type shit tat they gonna have to show up with when I'm recording
    Off a plane when I get of the plane
    Awesome things coming off the brain
    In and every time I get off the chains
    Bitch I'm flyer than
    Pelicans, seagulls, cardinals, owls, bald eagles hawks and things
    Bread I need loaf, no regards to DeJ
    Cake I get that, you hating get back
    BEEZ the type of picture that's hard to frame, nigga (x3)

    Tony Defilippo says:

    I did a freestyle for this shit

    Zachary Clownphobic says:

    This is the best remake of this beat I can find online
    Props to you bro


    Yo, this is nice af. Btw is that synth or whatever that kinda follows the samples melody a part of the actual sample? (1:00), or is it something you added?

    UrbanZayy says:

    Can you email me this?

    Alec says:

    yoo this is spot on. im abouta hit up ur soundcloud. check me out too:

    ThatGuy says:

    Tyler the creator stole this shit

    Hector Dominguez says:

    bro can you email this to me please

    Blacklist Records says:

    The sirens are a bit too loud, but otherwise dope as fuck.

    One Dead Pixel says:

    this is excellent. could I use this for a reel I'm putting together for a school project? I'll cite and link you in the the description

    Miguel Cruz says:

    anyway i can use this?/ download it? its the best version

    Miguel Cruz says:

    anyway i can use this?/ download it? its the best version

    Francesco Saverio Del Piano says:

    Hi man , can u say me the notes of the bass?

    Ehab Rizek says:

    Just came across this randomly, Its a dope remake!

    DJ McClettie says:

    Can't way for this to get more views. Perfect.

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