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Dedicated to his grandmother who made the journey from Kiev nearly 100 years ago, watch Neil perform “America” live at the Greek Theatre, part of the new Hot August Night III concert video and CD multi disc set, available for pre-order now.

Music video by Neil Diamond performing America. © 2018 Neil Diamond, Under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Dwonload Video Neil Diamond America (Live At The Greek Theatre / 2012)

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Neil Diamond – America (live <span class='fc_lc'>at</span> <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Greek Theatre / 2012)
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    Jacoba Elisabeth van Dillewijn says:

    For ever Neil!

    onebas music says:

    @@Listen to more music of Neil Diamond!!!!!

    Dianna Burge says:

    Love Neil Diamond!! Have seen him live many times.


    What a performance from the one and only! None will ever come close. Love the heartfelt intro to the song. So looking forward to the release of the Hot August Night lll DVD/CD.

    Patrick Gallimore says:

    Like a beautiful diamond, Neil's sparkles, everytime, in each and everyone of his live performances.

    Suzanne Jarusiewicz says:

    BRAVO! Neil Diamond, BRAVO!!!



    Maria Rojas says:

    idol, the best. From Chile with love.

    Tyacatt1977 says:

    awesome he Ukrainian too!!!

    Mark Coy says:

    Beautiful and well said Mr Diamond, Love you so much!!!!!

    IT ALEX says:

    Neil Diamond, this country needs more people like you: With songs and messages that unite this country rather than divide it. In this Great Land called "America" …my man!.. We are…almost…all immigrants!

    Deathpony9000 says:

    Sounding and looking great Neil!

    Larry Cenatiempo says:

    Neil Diamond is a great singer and songwriter all these years I pray for you cuz I know you're going through some stuff and you also prove how much talent there is in Brooklyn I know I'm from there

    Quaralane says:

    THIS. THIS is what's GREAT about this country of ours!

    DianeMarie addicott says:

    This is one great song. . Only Diamond can sing .

    Angelika Busch says:

    Der beste, seine Musik so wunderschön, dir Stimme so unverkennbar.

    Oskam C.A.Oskam-Jürrjens says:

    My Idol. !!!!!!

    David Carr says:

    As a fan who saw Neil Diamond perform three times and still love his music, I'm disappointed that some are using this tribute to America, and to Neil, to bash their political opponents. As others have said, his grandmother was a legal immigrant. How could we not love legal immigrants? That's how most of us got here! But we love our country enough to want to protect her from being ravished by thieves and rapists who break in through the back door, without knocking! I have a big heart for immigrants coming in search of a better life for themselves and their families. I've helped many of them. My father, a Baptist minister, has taken some to file for citizenship – decades ago. We have both housed legal immigrants, and given assistance to those with work visas who were away from home and needed translators, transportation, or other assistance. Have you? I've helped migrant farm workers and Cuban refugees. For sure there are some xenophobes, or out right haters in both parties. But most of us on the "right" just want to protect our country from criminals such as drug runners, slave trade, and murderous gangs. And I don't want to see more cities become like Dearborn, MI, where anti-USA protesters demand Sharia law, even though they came here supposedly to escape persecution. Then they turn around and try to make the USA just like the country they left. Someone failed in vetting that whole group! Don't be racist or xenophobic, but don't be stupid, either!

    Marge LeMire says:

    I LOVE this man!

    Athensdiamond says:

    A Legend…! Forever !

    hanafri8 says:

    Favourite singer and great artist! Happy independend's day from Cape Town South-Africa

    Eva Maria Pacheco says:

    Tirando amargura eo desprezo pelas pesoas esa voz e linda maravilhosa beijos 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹😘

    lindy frank says:

    Not bad for a young Jewish boy. This is so appropriate right now. YOU ANTI IMMIGRATERS….just swallow this. THERE'S PLENTY OF US that will still fight for freedom and the right for those to come to america. Our America! Not yours.

    christine leyre says:

    I've got most of his records and cd's hope he's still able to make new music, pity he can't perform live anymore. He's still my favorite artist and I saw him twice in Antwerp and also in LA in 1992 in the Forum. Still remember that as my favorite concert! All the best Neil!

    Music man That likes old and new music says:

    He didn’t record live in picture 1972 but in bbc 1971 he did. wth didn’t he record live in like this back in 1972. dammm

    Music man That likes old and new music says:

    He talks so much more in his America concerts not as much as Australia 🇦🇺

    JunkAccumulator says:

    Watching this in 2018 with irony…

    CJ Cook says:


    Kate Attenboro says:

    He is the legendary voice of our time! Go Neil!

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