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Vitalogy (1994)

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Pearl Jam – Not <span class='fc_lc'>for</span> You
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    Alida Spence says:

    Awwww, memories of my 14 year old stupid self!!!! Love it!!! 38 year old hag now HAHAHAHA

    G.C. Lawrence says:

    The drumming reminds me a bit of "Private Eyes" and "Billie Jean."

    Lynn Wilkins says:

    Gretchen: I've got 67 fucking tankers floating out to sea full of gasoline.
    If that engine sees the light of day, it might as well be horseshit!

    Ben Kelsall says:

    Always reminds me of NIN

    igor lozano says:

    Masa cabrón, viva digimon.

    George Ferguson says:

    how can there be dislikes for this jam?. you know why because it is not for YOU!!!.

    Delta Design says:

    I have seen seen a copy of the book vitalogy. It's completely rediculous but amusing. The album however is great.

    simzark says:

    Not for you. Never was for you. Fuk you.

    Greg Petty says:

    Oh HELL NOT FOR YOU , restless souls enjoy your youth!!! This is for me , Don't be me be you!!

    Main Street Workshops says:

    Sounds like the theme from TV's "Law & Order."

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