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Dwonload Video R Kelly 12 Play

R  Kelly   12 Play
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    Butler Nero says:


    Mm Mm says:

    Michael davis

    datoneman26 says:

    Lol that part when he's oh oh oh ohh and counting 1,2,3,4,5,6, pause then 7,8,9,10,11,12. 12 wayss to love you mmmmm hmmm #eattime

    Keandra Jimeson says:

    Doooooooo you miiiiiind baby!?! #mu%!@&c

    Rosco Ray says:

    Why you find this on the 12 play album on any of the streaming apps?

    Latrice Wilson says:

    bang this song anytime any where

    Too Much says:

    2017 💯💯💯❤❤❤💋💋

    Malik Arvette says:

    12 play classic shit R killed this whole joint

    rose lenore says:

    on repeat in 2017

    Sheena Harper says:

    And once the lights go down they'll be no fooling around my fav part.

    Rodney Willis says:

    love this song baby making music

    Beverly Bailey says:

    all the way fr Jamaica loving this album.

    Mya Bell says:

    who still listening in 2017

    Heelslipsticknguns Bosslady says:

    rip. mommy ur fav song

    brick city says:

    these young bucks don't know about this

    MzVan21 says:

    Love this song so much!

    Beatriz Adriana Gonzalez triste says:

    love this song reminds me of the love of my life Chris Garnett

    Beatriz Adriana Gonzalez triste says:

    Love this song

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