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Track from the ‘Sounds of Silence’ LP.

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Dwonload Video Richard Cory Simon Garfunkel

Richard Cory – Simon & Garfunkel
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    T· S· W· says:

    This makes me think about the episode of the office where a few of the employees started a band…-We're in a band! We'll be so famous. -it also means we will have short and tragic lives but that's okay right?-yeah…we're in a band!

    eric heine says:

    You cannot buy the lessons or the joys of having grown up without.
    You can live undercover in a small town. You can escape the circumstances of your birth.
    If you wholesale your self, in exchange for wealth, you may lose your self, and the very focus of your aspirations. Take care and be well.

    bella Torregrossa says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t come from an English assignment

    Caudex says:

    My name is Devin Cory, and this song has some scary resemblance to the story of my own grandfather, Richard Cory. My grandfather didn't commit suicide (at least not literally). He was, however, a very rich man who at one point owned city blocks of properties in rich neighborhoods of my home town, Berkeley CA. While my parents were in highschool, however, he sold it all to move to the country, which turned out to be a terrible idea when the people of the town decided my family was too weird and we became the resident social outcasts. After my dad had a mental breakdown caused by bullying at school, my family moved back to Berkeley and tried to get back some of what they lost, but then the recession hit, and I grew up educated poor. Maybe Richard didn't shoot himself in the head, but he sure did shoot us all in the foot.

    Gerhard Van der Westhuizen says:

    This is not the album version version though, it's a different take.

    Nathan Kayhan says:

    This is one of the more profound songs/poems ever written.

    Martin Macdonald says:

    I learned of this song from a radical priest.

    Chris Wright says:

    mortar bought me here

    David Rivera says:

    I think I could put donald trump in the title of this and it would ring just the same.

    richard kennedy says:

    My middle name is Cory.

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