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Rihanna preforming “Skin” (C) 2010 Def Jam

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Dwonload Video Rihanna Skin (Audio)

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Rihanna – Skin (audio)
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    BadGirl 00 says:

    2018 and I love this song

    Faaneesa Elemoodeen says:

    Wet just hearing her smoldering voice…

    GGG Ko King says:

    SHE'S A GOD👏💝💝💝👍😂😁😂😁😂😄😃😄😃😍😍😍😍😍😍

    C O says:

    good song to striptease to your man.. ND the rest is history 😋

    imaann20 Moroccan says:

    que bieen cantas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brittany S says:

    *This CD is the shit

    colton sanchez says:

    dis cd is the da shit

    tottyona duval says:

    dont show u skin if u blacker than black

    Nayaz Hernandez says:

    mt sabi porra

    pailagio says:

    Molto bella!
    Rebellperry hai fatto bene a riproporla !

    Matthewfizz1 says:

    Its actually really sad thinking that this was not a single instead of s&m then it would of not gotton that much negativity This song is just beautiful Rihanna should be ashamed to NOT choose this as a Single SHAME ON YOU RIHANNA BUT I STILL LOVE YOUR MUSIC AND IL ALWAYS BE A BIG FAN ..!!

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