Download Simon & Garfunkel – A Heart in New York (from the Concert in Central Park) - Video 2018

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Music video by Simon & Garfunkel performing A Heart In New York. (C) 1982 Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

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Dwonload Video Simon Garfunkel A Heart In New York (from The Concert In Central Park)

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Simon & Garfunkel – A Heart <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> New York (from <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Concert <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> Central Park)
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    Yagya Rai says:

    The greatest in terms of leaving hallmark grandeur……………..

    Egmar de almeida miron says:

    gosto muito dete som tenho em vinil discoi duplo breve nos veremos

    misanke misanke says:

    *I'LOVE IT* … SoooOOOooo… wonderFUL and PERFEcT… THANKs…

    Roby Lazarus says:

    A classic. Greetings from India.

    Hilda Luna says:

    Amoooooo Garfunkel ❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Adrian Serra says:

    Paul makes beautiful songs and Art turns them in extremely sweet melodies , what a couple!

    Arthur No Sheds Jackson says:

    My favourite moment from the whole concert. I'm glad he talked Paul Simon out of the idea of backing the whole show with just his lone guitar. (Paul's hands weren't up to it, maybe had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome like myself, the bane of many a guitarist, even after surgery.)

    Mary.Catherine says:

    This song was in America’s next top model and that’s how I found it 😂😂

    Josie Blanco says:

    I love this song thanks for this video and thanks art for the beautiful voice wow so amazing

    Hilda Luna says:

    Garfunkel ❤❤❤❤

    Hilda Luna says:

    Eu te amo Garfunkel…saudades dessas músicas maravilhosas

    O canal Espírito de Profecia says:

    Muito Linda essa música

    denny smith says:

    Garfunkle was my favourite… Simon's book convinced me I was'nt wrong in choice… pity they cld'nt have put aside petty stuff & just worked together… Ego can be an awful thing… Garfunkle had ethereal voice… almost angelic…. together …. WOW!

    Greg Ashton says:

    The song shows me the hypocrisy of New York City now you got big bird running it which makes it even worse can you find a better person to run New York City what the hell ever happened in New York after Giuliani was there it went to hell

    mesube22 says:

    I own this Concert and always cry  "Looking Down On Central Park" Love this man!!

    Marina Assanti says:

    Sempre stupenda!!!!

    MrThermostatic says:

    I just read the Paul Simon biography, and it said that Paul insisted Artie wear a hairpiece for the concert and that first he resisted but wound up wearing one. If he is, then I must be a damn good one cause I don't see it.

    Jack T says:

    Which of you 45 numbskulls downvoted this?

    Andy Northall says:

    There was something supernatural about them both that night.

    Donna Laporte says:

    Probably my favorite on the album

    Marlene Sullivan says:

    So Pure So Beautiful.. 💕 (+_+)

    Karen Stevens says:

    Artie’s voice is an angel walking the earth

    Stephen Bracco says:

    I went to this concert the week I moved to NYC. Birth of a lifelong New Yorker that night.

    ivan noe says:

    Amor maior…

    Andy Roman says:

    The song is on Art's 1981 release SCISSORS CUT. He said this was almost the only song in the set was not a Paul Simon one,musically or lyrically.

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