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House music maestro David Morales recently posted a vlog where he called out Kanye West for allegedly sampling a bassline on his new track I Like It, apparently without David’s permission. The bassline comes from a remix David Morales produced 25 years ago of a tune called What Is This Thing Called Love by Alexander O’Neal.

We figured you’d like to hear for yourself how the two compare, so we made a “mix and mash” of both songs plus we end it by speeding it up into a footwork banger that’s ready to be mixed into other contemporary house tunes.

Do you agree that Kanye sampled David, or is it just coincidence? Let us know in the comments.

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Dwonload Video Skills Sessions: #27 David Morales Vs Kanye West

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Skills Sessions: #27 David Morales Vs Kanye West
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    Not even a fkng coupon to go to Walmart 🤣😂🤣😂

    Akinkunmi Cook says:

    I don't think it's a sample but a pianist playing the same baseline. However, I do think he took it from the Morales remix. I don't know if Morales has the rights to the music, which may be why the producer snatched the baseline. Back then, I think the remixer got a flat fee for the remix and that was it! No royalties for every 12 inch sold.

    category eight says:

    What a transition best mix ever u realy loved it.!!!

    Nick Mendoza says:

    Technically, Kanye did NOT sample the Bassline – Let me explain…. There is no question that this is David Morales Bassline. The bassline is using the same exact notes and the same exact sequence. The Bass sound used by David Morales is a Square Wave…. The Bass sound used by Kanye was a Sawtooth Wave… Clearly, NOT the same sound. —-> The Bassline was replayed/sequenced, so therefor, it is NOT a Sample but rather a "re-performance" if you want to call it that… Let us not forget what happened to Ed Bahlman of 9 9 Records and Sylvia Robinson of Sugar Hill Records (Cavern/Whitelines)…

    Theo Bowen says:

    Really nice. Who’s mixing?

    99995lowe says:

    Wow very creative

    Doc Trower says:

    Kanye is such a biter.

    Jose Martinez says:

    It's the exact same thing. Heard both songs original and Kanye's back to back and it was the exact same thing

    monogee says:


    stewart drummond says:

    definitely a rip off but Kanye is a shameless, talentless prick so not surprised.

    Pete says:

    Yeah, but who did David sample?

    gk kerabg says:

    Almost same

    D S says:

    Thks tips👍👍👍

    Mac Joseph says:

    Ohhh snap!!!

    Mike Márquez says:

    I remember hearing that song IN Red Zone! Lol Kanye's a millionaire. He REALLY couldn't pony up that royalty? Jive records DefMix would've gave it up I'm sure! Nevertheless, dope mix and dope use of the IG Vocal. #NoOriginality #Narcissistic

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