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The Doobie Brothers
“Stampede” (1975) track 3: “Texas Lullaby”
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Dwonload Video The Doobie Brothers Texas Lullaby

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<span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Doobie Brothers – Texas Lullaby
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    Jeff Quinn says:

    That's right pride and ethics

    Jeff Quinn says:

    I am convinced that they can do without the white haired guy.

    mkwrockers0099 says:

    Definitely one of their top 5 songs. So fucking great!

    TheVeteransNetwork says:

    You can't say it any better than Two Tickets said it. 1975 when I wondered what the Doobies would do next, Stampede came out. Have mercy. Jon the vet. RVN 68 & 69 11 Bravo

    Steven G Pedersen says:

    Reminds me of bailing hay

    bigroy38 says:

    Sure sounds like Rusty Wiser's Agua Dolce.

    TwoTickets100 says:

    Once again, a gem and I mean a shiny 20 carat gem from his greatness, Tom Johnston.  I sang this song to my two daughters from the age of 2 to 6, every night, as I would lie with them as they fell asleep.  There is just something so free about this song.  The musicianship and production impeccable–but the sounds?  Oh my G_D!!!  Here is a guy who grew up in Visalia, California, so expertly capture the essence of workin' in the fields, shirt torn, sweat cascading off the body and having a simple homespun existence.  This says a lot of what the Doobies are really about.  Folks who care less about their existence and more about the true soul of their lives.  For me, Texas Lullaby is an anthem to all of us that work hard, lay back in our spare time and soak in what is really important–family.  God Bless TJ and the Doobies, forever.

    Marckymarc71 says:

    Welcome back to the Doobies, Billy Payne!!

    sserpent21 says:

    Why wasn't THIS on that new Southbound album?  I would take this before any of the McDonald songs that made it on the album.

    boambee62 says:

    sweat is soakin up my ragged clothes but id rather work than steal …

    Bill Presley says:

    i played this song on Stampede LP 8 track over and over again driving across I-20 Texas east between Odessa and Fort Worth coming home from Spring vacation in Santa Monica, California in 1977.

    Larrymh07 says:

    Yeah, man! That acoustic guitar solo does it for me….makes my "spirit soar."

    RC Kirby says:

    I saw them in concert on April 15 1975, in Columbia SC,I've been a fan since 1971, this song does remind me of working in the fields, and "havin chors" at home to be done, My sons , now in their 20's love the Doobies, I guess they learned a little something from their parents.

    MaddogCaptain says:

    I grew up in Midland, Texas. I saw the Doobie Brothers at my first concert at the Ector Co. Coliseum in Odessa, Texas around 1976. I think I was in the 9th grade. It was the first time I ever smelled pot as I was walking through the crowd. I thought somebody was burning rope and didn't even know what doobie meant. I just knew I loved their music!

    Jesse Stovall says:

    My all time favorite group. Agreed, very under appreciated.

    Graeme Collins says:

    I just posted on facebook that this is the one song that I want to be played at my funeral. I was born and raised in San Angelo, Texas, and this song means so much to me!

    Rocky B says:

    Wow how did i miss this song this has to be one of their best non hits!!!!!!

    John Rolf says:

    Just picked up 'Stampede' from Amazon… this is a great mellow interlude between Neal's Fandango and Music Man!

    Irene Aida Ortiz says:

    Love this Lullaby!

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