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Dwonload Video Tim McGraw Neon Church (Lyric Video)

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Tim Mcgraw – Neon Church (lyric Video)
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    Nina Saward says:

    Sometimes we fall but we rise again. Great song! Sometimes we need this. Another great one Tim! Down to Earth you are. Kudos to all involved in this one.

    truthisdivine says:

    No you need Jesus nothing more nothing less nothing else!

    susan jones says:

    Powerful !!!iconic video Tim.highly appreciated.keep doing the inspiring work of music.

    Christian Fortin says:

    Love you Tim, from Philipines.

    Rita Fults says:

    I was feeling completely & utterly broken&lonely and in the worst frame of mind. Just 4 that moment this song came on n GAVE ME SO MUCH MORE THAN ANYTHING ANY1 WILL UNDERSTAND

    Bailey Nash says:

    His voice is just 😍😍😍😍

    Tanja Petties says:

    🍁👍 Happy Fall Autumn..thank you for the thumbs up for my comment
    Sincerely Tanja😘

    cynthia Massey says:

    Lov the neon aft work

    TimmyWilliams says:

    "I need Jesus or whiskey"???? So, are the 2 interchangeable? That is the message that this song is giving. Great singing, good music. Terrible lyrics.

    noremac1492 says:

    Haven’t listened to McGraw in awhile. Forgot how amazing his vocals are!!!😎

    David Murphey says:


    Susana Zetino says:

    Love it 😍😍

    Nancy Doney says:

    First time hearing this song I don't need to think what I need because I know I need jesus in my heart and it is great that Tim mggraw know what he want he is one of my favorite male country singers of all time

    Susanna Carlton says:


    Sammy Waganfeald says:

    Tim McGraw can sing about Anthony and is a good this song is but still a great song and I love Tim McGraw so and then he sings it's fine with me love you too singer who Tim McGraw can sing anything he's great and I've loved him since I was like 6 years old now I'm 30 that's a long time holy crap I like him McGraw for a long time his father first singer I started liking then country music go to McGraw keep on singing keep on writing and Keep On Keepin On he's one of my favorite country singers one of them

    Mar'Taja Jackson says:


    1 ToLiveThroughIt says:

    My kinda church! 🤣🤣💓

    Belinda Aragon says:

    Great song. Looking forward to hearing it live.

    RefutableGorge 24 says:

    Anybody else think this sounds kinda like his other song “she’s my kind of rain”

    Clara Witherington says:

    Hello..hell noooo..

    sandra Ferrington says:

    This is the so cool , I love this song . Great job a great piece of art work.

    brian reich says:

    Been on repeat all day

    Tanja Petties says:

    🍂🍁 Happy Fall…also im very appreciative to the person who liked and thumbed up my comment.. Sincerely Tanja💜

    Madi Simmons says:

    This is awesome! This is called lightwriting and it can be a challenge doing it, but it's all worth it!!! This is amazing!!

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