Download Vocal Coach Reaction to Lady Gaga’s Best Live Vocals - Video 2018

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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Lady Gaga’s best live vocals (no autotune.)

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Dwonload Video Vocal Coach Reaction To Lady Gagas Best Live Vocals

Vocal Coach Reaction <span class='fc_lc'>to</span> Lady Gaga’s Best Live Vocals
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    Alanna Reinstedler says:

    Lady Gaga is my queeeen!!

    ahgamy says:

    Do BEYONCÉ!! Her recent performance of I Care at coachella is a great video

    Laurence Plante says:

    please react to harry styles 💜

    festivebanana says:

    You should just watch a documentary about her and find out why she’s so rooted in theatrical music. Also you should listen to her albums or at least look at them in order, it’s very interesting to see her style changes throughout her career. She’s truly one of a kind

    Cheyenne D says:

    Plz plz plz react to Remington Leith from Palaye Royale

    Berre Swinnen says:

    2008: The Fame
    2009: The Fame Monster
    2011: Born This Way
    2013: Artpop
    2014: Cheek To Cheek (Jazz album with Tony Benet)
    2016: Joanne

    Indrek Treve says:

    Hi. Im really interested about how you react to this song of hers.
    Its Lady Gaga Gypsy at ampaya moment. Please react to this.
    And Applause on sukkiri.
    Perfect Illusion on sukkiri as well.
    Very please.

    Rawrr483 says:

    My nan is 80, hates everything that's new and popular, but she unknowingly loved Lady Gaga's voice, she couldn't believe who it was when I told her

    MattMatt says:

    React to Shawn Mendes – best vocals

    France De Carlos says:

    Please do Bebe Rexha. Please please

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