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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Zayn Malik’s best live vocals (real voice live with no auotune)

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Dwonload Video Vocal Coach Reaction To Zayn Maliks Best Live Vocals

Vocal Coach Reaction <span class='fc_lc'>to</span> Zayn Malik’s Best Live Vocals
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    vulcanicspice says:

    The one clip that you comment on where his voice sounds very, very different from his usual sound is not actually him singing live, it's the studio version of the song (More Than This) that the one direction official channel (i think) put over actual live footage of the band singing the song on tour, and I've always been very confused as to why the original maker of this compilation put it in the video. As you say, the production team on the song probably did a lot of stuff to his voice to make him sound "younger", as was the case with a lot of zayn's studio vocals during his time in the group, which he has stated since leaving; they would tweak his voice until it sounded as "Pop" as possible, which is a real shame when you know what his voice actually sounds like live.
    Every past member of 1D sounds extremely different, but Zayn really was always in a league of his own, and that is just stating facts (he sang the high notes because his voice was the only voice that allowed for that kind of range and power). I think he still has the possibility to grow technically of course, but his raw natural talent and the extreme power of his voice is already enough to sing circles around pretty much whatever you give to him. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on how his voice has grown through the years, so definitely check out hs newer stuff. Concerning the other 1D boys, I'd recommend checking out Harry Styles, his voice was always my second favourite, not to mention his and Zayn's vocals go beautifully together, but that's a different story (and I've nerded out enough as it is lol). Great video!

    Ryn spit says:

    Plz react to harry styles old n current 😁

    TTD: Time To Draw says:

    zayn maleek

    Sheryl Francisco says:


    TheXabi55 YT says:

    dont say zayn ´´malík´´

    Elise Lozada says:

    you look like zachwtflmao

    Leanne K says:

    can you do louis tomlinson ? I think he's the least greatest out of the 5 and would like to see your opinion on him.

    Clara Luxvita says:

    You have to react her new single zayn malik entitled entertainer

    Jenna Schindler says:

    I’d like you to react to Harry styles

    Hannah Jacobsma says:

    Harry styles. Harry styles. Harry styles.

    Emma Addison Mann says:

    Maleek? Lol

    Greta Körbel says:

    I would love to see you react to liam paynes voice. he has such a big range & a really really nice technique in my opinion

    Regina Mm says:

    React to Liam Payne's voice. He's so underrated and he also gave us amazing high notes.

    Regina Mm says:

    react to little mix!

    Gulim Kabdenova says:

    Hello, please react to Harry Styles Best Vocals

    James Corrigan says:

    React to Harry Styles songs!

    James Corrigan says:

    Harry's voice has the most range and power

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