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Voice teacher Sam Johnson’s reaction to a Lady Gaga best vocals compilation.

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I hope this observation on how she sings helps you figure out how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice.

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Dwonload Video Voice Teacher Reacts To 10 Times Lady Gaga PROVED Shes A VOCAL QUEEN

Voice Teacher Reacts <span class='fc_lc'>to</span> 10 Times Lady Gaga Proved She’s A Vocal Queen
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    Sam Johnson says:

    You may have noticed my videos usually don't have ads on them. I'm still in the process of getting monetized, but so far I haven't been paid at all for the content I've put up on this channel. If you're interested in becoming my patron please check out

    Thank you all for the support!

    Katheryn Howard says:

    Hey Sam! I've been singing since I was a kid, and one thing that I've struggled with is.. choking, sort of? It's like my throat suddenly closes and I have to swallow it back open. It's not every song nor every performance and I think it's anxiety based, but it's something I'd like to fix. Any tips?

    Jeremiah Saint says:

    please watch lush life lady gaga on PBS
    lady gaga sound of music at the oscars
    lady gaga do what u want alan carr
    lady gaga carpool karaoke

    Emi Pellegrino says:

    Growls are an epiglotic distortion , my fellow voice teacher ! 🤘🏻 Love your comments , everything you say is always 120% correct , well thought out and we'll explained 😁

    Ricki Naranjo says:

    React to Fergies rendition of the National Anthem 😂😂

    Laura Neugebauer says:

    Please react to Sabrina Carpenter

    Ricki Naranjo says:

    React to Kelly Clarkson singing You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman) on American Idol and Hailey Reinhardt singing “House of The Rising Sun”

    Héctor A says:

    Please do a video of Babymetal lead singer Su-Metal, you are going to be amazed by her young powerful voice singing japanese and english songs and discover a very unique group 😉

    줄라이JULAI says:

    could you please react to this it's really good please :)))))) I love your videos❣️
    FAMILY PICTURE – Ha Sungwoon

    CRY BABY says:


    Mady Herrera says:

    It would be so cool if you react to the vocal position battles on produce 101, mixnine, and the unit competition shows!


    Hi, Sam. I think you will love Georgia Brown, from Brazil. She is as good as Dimash, talking about range, scales, etc.

    Rachel Needham says:

    Could you please analyze some Jessie J! Thank you 🙂

    Tony Yang says:

    react to Dimash SCREAMING !!!!

    Jacob Paulson says:

    You need to watch Adam Lambert singing Who wants to live forever, incredible vocals

    Caroline Nogueira says:


    giu xcxx says:

    Sam looks so proud like THAT'S MY GIRL

    Elvira Arcos says:

    could you react to this performance please? she's a really talented spanish singer and I think your analysis of her voice would be very interesting 🙂

    Victor Wieland says:

    React to Miley Cyrus come VER oferta I'll Take Care Of You on Sunrise that performance was killer and I also really want to hear your opinion on it. Pls and thanks hehehe

    Fernanda Bussi says:

    I have a very small music education background and it's so fun to watch your videos, you are very clear and even though i don't understand specific names, the way you talk you make it understandable and entertaining! Thank you so much for making them

    Heather Berry says:

    You should react to K.Will!

    theiamcolleen says:

    Please analyze bigbagn Taeyang's singing.. love your reaction vids 👍

    1107Anne says:

    Thanks for your lovely videos 🙂
    You would love David Phelps. 😀
    Keep it up 🙂

    Jayjaysocool 11 says: only love-iron crow the mask single thailand
    Please reaction to he

    Jayjaysocool 11 says:

    Can you reaction to only love-iron crow masked the mask single thailand please .i need to know how he do

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