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sung by Toby Keith…I do not own this song…… just says how I feel about things…………life can be so mean sometimes….
I have nothing to gain here…….besides Toby Keith is the man!!!!

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Dwonload Video Whos That Man -Toby Keith

Who’s That Man -toby Keith
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    Charlie Brown says:

    Best fucken song hurts not for the xx just my kidz if i didnt have them i wouldnt bother

    Elliott Michaels says:

    As much as I like him, I wish Keith would sing more really deep songs like this one.

    scott kalinowski says:

    warning to all young men out there, this is reality … she will get bored and pooof!!!!! ur gone and she will have a replacement ready to take ur place… and she wont give a beep!! some dude will be raising ur kids and sleeping in ur bed enjoying the fruits of your labor. they make it so easy for woman these days to just rip a family apart. especially with no fault divorces, she can be banging your brother and the court wont blink an eye, youll be moving your boxes out and he will be moving his right in. good luck to all theses kids being raised in broken homes. but its ok, she thinks this great guy will be there father instead. NOT!!!!! court system needs to change, there are men comitting murder and killing themselfs over this.

    Aaron Langham says:

    I'm going through a divorce and I have a 1 year old daughter and it's killing me 😥 this song reminds how hard it is for dads and how 95% of the time we get the short end of the stick 😢

    Caroline Heitman says:

    like how you pictures to conect to the point of the song my dad and step mother listen to it every weekend.

    Joshua Brooks says:

    A great song about the effects of divorce on men.

    John Shader says:

    Take things back. Work hard. I did….Now I see my kids every day. Don't give up. Took me years. Now I see them every week. 

    Brent Fleury says:

    you got it buddy once a cheater always a cheater the grass is always greener on the other side till they get there buddy WILL gets his ten times fold.

    cliff boulle says:

    nice picture

    Iris Seyrena Caldor says:

    I heard this song when I was a little girl was starting to get bored with country music. It was about at the time when I was learning to actually listen to lyrics and think for myself about what they say. It was when I heard this song that I realized that this is all country music is: some beta male whining about losing out to the better man, or other religious, conservative, working class bullshit redneckery, and never listened to country again. Ditched my albums, and started listening to REM.

    crazyhorse1369 says:

    @HustIeKing to me it is , considering i work at a prison and its really not as bad as people think it is , i suggest federal prison , those fuckers get everything handed to them , i will never work at a fed center for that reason .

    crazyhorse1369 says:

    @HustIeKing The fact you think i give a shit about video games makes me laugh . Bottom line is this , you are doing somthing that you shouldn't get away with . If i caught you banging my woman , instead of being the one watching the inmates , id be an inmate . So you need to stop fuckin around with other people's belongings before you get your ass handed to you by some woman's boyfriend or husband .

    jruch314 says:

    @1971Charisse agreeeed, and like that saying goes "you never know how good something is until it is gone"

    crazyhorse1369 says:

    @randomwhiteguy8784 You dont sit around and play games all day long . This guy does .

    Stephen Meek says:

    @crazyhorse1369 I love your comment. I feel like one of those jokers you talk about. I don't have a job and my girl is picking up the slack. I fill applications and make phone calls to employers all day and I keep the house in a pretty decent shape keep the yard mowed and the cars always running. she loves me and I don't know why.

    Mayshiru says:

    1971charisse I don't have any problems about what you said but i just want to throw something in there how do you know he couldn't step up I mean if he couldn't they would of ended it before having another kid maybe she just couldn't deal with him working alot or something we really don't know but you still have a good point.

    crazyhorse1369 says:

    I looked at that jokers profile and he claims to play runscape and xbox all day long . Now what woman would leave a man for a boy who plays a world of warcraft rip off they call a game and xbox all day long ? If this guys telling the truth and i highly doubt he is , he probably married a slut . I mean after all what woman would throw her life away to be with a loser who plays games all day long ?

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